Brian W. Stolarz: Grace and Justice on Death Row: The Race against Time and Texas to Free an Innocent Man

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To you a call to further action very good The story of DeWayne Brown s experience with the US justice system as beautifully detailed in the book is disappointing Unfortunately it s not at all surprising Thankfully a group of dedicated professionals led by the compassionate author sought to right a wrong that should never have happened in the first place The recounting of the crime trial and subseuent release of Mr Brown is elouent and intertwined with other relevant educational cases The author is not afraid to show his own vulnerability and tell this powerful story from a truly human perspective The most important lesson I learned is the power of tenacity and grace DeWayne Brown and Brian Stolarz both embody those principles in their every day life As a trial attorney a long time supporter of the death penalty and a Republican this book has changed me forever It is extremely well written and hopefully may serve to change the opinions of many prosecutors and some in the judiciary I was horrified to read what Justice Scalia had written about an innocent man condemned to death for a crime he never committed a man he new was innocent and yet allowed to be executed Justice Scalia wrote many great opinions during his time on SCOTUS but that one was not one of them Shame on you Justice Scalia shame Read this book it will change your min. Tionship turned into one of brotherhoodGrace And Justice On Death Row also addresses many issues facing the criminal justice system and the death penalty race class adeuate defense counsel and intellectual disability and proposes reformsTold from Stolarzs perspective this raw fast paced look into what it took to save one mans life will leave you uestioning the criminal justice system in this country It is a story of injustice and redemption that must be tol.

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And faith despite the tragic miscarriage of justice that provides the basis for the book Unfortunately I did not enjoy this book I expected heartfelt emotions like I experienced watching dead man walking It was not a story at all but the legal details of a trial This is an excellent book in which the author describes how he got an innocent man released from death row He so is shows that the prosecutor illegally ignored the law His goal is to outlaw the death penalty to prevent this from happening again If you are interested in the procedure surrounding the death penalty you need to read this Can be discouraging But there is hope An epic personal tale dramatic in the way only true stories can be As an attorney I alternated between nodding my head in solemn agreement with the author s sound and persuasive arguments and shaking my head in horror at the incompetent muck offered by the state of Texas As a human being I began with shuddering outrage at the injustice of Dewayne s story but ended in tears at the unbreakable bond between two men who started as attorney and client but ended as friends and spiritual brothers As uplifting as Dewayne s ending is the grueling struggle to get to that ending should infuriate you Definitely you should buy this book Absolutely you should read it But even than that you should let it be an inspiration. Yne Brown a man who spent over twelve years in prison ten of them on Texas infamous Death Row for a high profile crime he did not commit and his lawyer Brian Stolarz who dedicated his career and life to secure his freedom The book chronicles Browns extraordinary journey to freedom against very long odds overcoming unscrupulous prosecutors corrupt police inadeuate defense counsel and a broken criminal justice system The book examines how a lawyer client rela.

I am grateful to be a white woman and to have only seen a courtroom on television Justice is not what is strived for only a win at any cost To bad there are real people paying the price Great informative book DoughB is a nice guy who didnt deserve being on deathrow Glad he was finally freedFast shipment I would recommend this book to anyone Everyone should be aware of the embarassment of the justice system particularly in Texas especially as it pertains to the death penalty This book made me angry frustrated and in the end it made me cry tears of relief If only everyone had someone to fight for them the way Brian fought for Dewayne I could not put this book down The author does a fantastic job of telling his and Dewayne s story with accuracy and humanity Sadly Dewayne s story is not as uncommon as we would like to think and it is crucial that stories like Dewayne are told and heard and read This book captures a reader s interest and heart and inspires him or her to think of ways to help others like Dewayne reminiscent of Bryan Stevenson s Just Mercy It gives us a glimpse of the dark underside of our criminal justice system and confronts uncomfortable topics like race poverty prosecutorial misconduct and capital punishment without lecturing and also manages to leaves the reader inspired to do There is a message of hope and optimism. A Washington Post bestsellerA chilling and compassionate look at how close an innocent man was to being put death with a foreword by Sister Helen Prejean author of Dead Man WalkingWhat is worse than having a client on Death Row in Texas Having a client on Death Row in Texas who is innocent and not nowing if you will be able to stop his execution in timeGrace and Justice on Death Row A Race Against Time to Free an Innocent Man tells the story of Alfred Dewa.