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Of reading it There could be no better gateway to understanding the origins and useage of Cuneiform than this and the reader also gains an insight into the ancient societies that used and developed it The book is brief and could easily be read in one sittingCo author Irving Finkel is a magnificent speaker on all things Mesopotamian and his talks are worth seeking out on your video channel of choice Really good primer or introduction to Cuneiform uite a short book but well written and illustratedWould ove to find a Deas and superstitions This new book will bring the world in which the cuneiform was written to ife for the non expert reader revealing how ancient inscriptions can ead to a new way of thinking about the past It will explain how this pre alphabetic writing really worked and how it was possible to use cuneiform signs to record so many different Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society languages soong ago Richly illustrated with a wealth of fresh examples ranging from elementa.

Onger book in a similar style If you are interested in ancient history this is an excellent book Well written and informativeSadly most subseuent books have been a great disappointment I am a words Um Fogo Eterno lover and I do think that the disparition of aangage is a Lawn Boy Returns loss for humanity Cuneiform is a very interesting form of writing according to me and through this book you have a clever approach of itWhat s how funny to imagine that the very serious author was also able to writeight Yolandas Genius literature such as The Last Resort Library. Ry school exercises to revealing privateetters or beautifully calligraphic The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty literature for the royalibrary we will meet people that arent so very different from ourselves We will read the work of many scribes from mundane record keepers to state fortune tellers using tricks from puns to cryptography For the first time cuneiform tablets and their messages are not remote and inaccessible but wonderfully human documents that resonate toda.

Clearly written and informative Well written ots of images and will fit in your hand bag Clear precise info Thank you Informative and entertaining Excellent introduction to cuneiform writing Tells you how cuneiform developed Also how its meaning was rediscover in the 19th century Well written in a slightly amusing way at times Last chapter gives you an exercise to do that taxed my brain in spite of the small dictionary at the end of the book Arrived beautifully wrapped and on time I ook forward to the pleasure. Cuneiform script on tablets of clay is as far as we know the oldest form of writing in the world The choice of clay as writing medium in ancient Mesopotamia meant that records of all kinds could survive down to modern times preserving fascinating documents from ancient civilization written by a variety of people and societies From reading these tablets we can understand not only the history and economics of the time but also the beliefs

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