B.H. Fairchild: Local Knowledge Poems

O meditations offering portals for pondering the deeper significance of our lives and how the events and particular circumstances of our lives which may have seemed insignificant at the time are still reverberating through the core of our being. Ghted windows as you walk through a strange city wanting to fill them with imaginary lives and words and stories.

Ve which relay some of his early childhood experiences and impressions of his dad s machine shop work flashbacks to memories of scenes earlier in his life sketches of people and their lives from the communities in which he grew p all woven int. T their larger landscape is the sheer fact; geographical psychological metaphysical; of absences like so many li.

Best PoemsThere is Constant Movement in My HeadKansas 3The Solilouy of the Appliance Repair Man A blue collar bard who happens to live a few blocks away from me speaking of local knowledge I liked Fairchild s poems from their local perspecti. Although many of the poems here nfold among the small towns abandoned farms and slate skies of the rural Midwes.

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B H Fairchild the author of several acclaimed poetry collections has been a finalist for the National Book Award and winner of the William Carlos Williams Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award He lives in Claremont California