H. K. F. Van Saene: Infection Control in the Intensive Care Unit

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Intensive care is a rapidly changing area of medicine and after four years from the 2nd edition the volume editors and authors have deemed necessary to update it In the recent years in fact five new randomised controlled trials and five new meta analyses demonstrate that selective deconta.

Mination of the digestive tract SDD is an antimicrobial rophylaxis to revent severe infections of not only lower airways but also of blood Additionally SDD has been shown to reduce inflammation including multiple organ failure and mortality An intriguing observation is the evidence that.

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SDD using arenteral and enteral antimicrobials reduces rather than increases antimicrobial resistance Moreover a new chapter on microcirculation had been addedThe volume will be an invaluable tool for all those reuiring in depth knowledge in the ever expanding field of infection control.