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Book there were shared chapters that alternated viewpoints each section so that was trickier I didn t really like any of the characters so that never helps in liking a book for me There was a slight surprise ending A few years ago I read a novel called The Drowning People I fell in love with it despite one slightly melodramatic moment in the plot and went in search of novels by the same author There weren Acciendental death She was always the headstrong one the righter of the wrongs It was her idea to teach Jake.

Any I was amazed to discover that this was Richard Great An entertaining thriller which I d recommend The plot was sounding appealing but then it developed with no enthrallment at all Charachters were pretty much plain ust like the writing style and nothing really new or interesting came along i wouldn t say it was boring because all in all you are hooked to see what happens but then it s uite disappointing. 's childhood tormentor a lesson But is those she left behind who learned that lessons seldom unfold as planne.

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I liked this book a lot as much as his previous book The Drowning People Interesting writer Julian Jack and Adrienne knew each other in university in England They each have their own memories of each other and the main person who linked them Julian s sister Maggie It was ok Each chapter changed viewpoint but it was marked at the start of the chapter so fairly easy to follow at first In the second half of the. Since their days at Oxford they've gone their separate ways but none of them have come to terms with Maggie's.

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