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Grace and Steve Bennett have been married for twenty years and they have three children in high school Steve is a career Naval officer and his career has taken precedence over everything else in the family s life They ve just moved to Washington state and Grace starts to feel the need to put down roots and begins to uestion all the sacrifices the family has made for Steve s careerOn the eve of Steve s deployment the family finds out some shocking news so the relationship between Steve and Grace is strained as he leaves Several things happen while Steve is one that test their strength their love and their resolve as a familyDeep down inside The Ocean Between Us by Susan Wiggs is a love story It s not the story of a new romantic love but rather the story of a deep abiding love and I thought it was just wonderful The book was a uick read because I found myself so engrossed in the storyI could relate to Grace so much Even though Carl s not in the service we have moved a lot for his career and I know what it s like to pack up leave friends behind and start all over in a new place I know what it s like to set aside your own needs to try to Wife in Exchange get your family settled and happy in a new place I also know what it s like to appreciate all the opportunities those moves afford you meeting new people and experiencing new places and things I totallyot it when Grace wondered whether The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, giving up her own dreams to pursue her husband s had been too much of a sacrificeI could also relate to the Bennetts three children since my own father served in the Navy My father retired when I was fairly young and he mostly had shore duty after I was born but I do remember picking him up after a long deployment on an aircraft carrier and wondering if I would recognize him when I saw him again The children also made me think of Vance and the moves he s had to make throughout his lifeOverall I liked The Ocean Between Us a lot and what I liked the most about it was the deep sense of love and respect the Bennetts had for each other and the way they learned to appreciate each other I think Susan Wiggs did a fantastic job of portraying the life of a service family This book was an emotional read for me it made me cry several times especially at the end It serves as a reminder that when someone is enlisted in the military their whole family serves and makes sacrifices sigh Iuess there was a reason I kept putting this book offThe book is very disjointed There s a reason behind this I supposed to preserve the mystery of what actually happens but it s almost like the book had 4 or 5 distinct chunks and Wiggs decided to mix them all up It was confusing until about halfway through the bookI also didn t like the little clues that were meant to mislead you assume incorrect conclusionsGrace at almost forty has a revelation that her life is not her own She almost has a sort of mid life crisis and wants to re invent herself She wants to become a business owner a home owner and start caring about her health and appearance Steve thinks things are fine the way they are After all he s being deployed yet again and why don t they just wait before changing anything but Grace is tired of waiting Wiggs shows that for every family member the military life is not easyGrace and Steve s marriage has fallen to the wayside they both but especially Steve have stopped really seeing each other and having secrets pop up at this time don t helpIt takes a life changing incident to help Grace and Steve see what matters the mostview spoilerOne big issue for me was the deal with the rape I cannot believe a mother who suspects her son may be forcing herself on Night And Day girls would ask How s Emma the day after her son says he broke up with her and the day Emma chops her beautiful hair off and starts dressing dumpy And to say I never liked you for my son after the rape accusation that she believes WHAT hide spoiler Sometimes all I want is a well written chick lit book with family secrets emotional characters and no smut This fit that bill and I thoroughly enjoyed it Well who would have thought I picked this off the library shelves because I was waiting on a couple of audio books that had not arrived Whenever this happens Iet home and check out Goodreads I was disappointed that the reviews were mostly lowly rated and none of my friends had read it I don t know what the reading of this book was like but I loved loved th Very mixed feelings about this book I like the subject of Navy families and a captain s family in particular Much of the external is true and some of the internal conflicts I lived the military life and think the author captured many nuances for wives and kids That part I like and am continuing to the endBut the inner dialogue is often over written based on a ood central idea but written to the point of tedium This is particularly done just before a major event and feels as if the editorauthors wanted to milk the scene or build tension Tricky to build tension agreed but repeating the same internal ditherings doesn t do it I d like to read by this author but tightly edittedwritten And I d like to know what others think I had to read this for a book club I can t imagine who picked it someone with no taste in literature apparentlyThe Ocean Between Us hits so many cliches I m sure it s being optioned as a Lifetime On the surface Grace Bennett has it all three wonderful children a devoted husband and a life of adventure and travel But somewhere between her husband Steve's demanding career raising a family the constant uprooting and the Navy's routine.

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E found out that Steve was missing from his shipBefore the deployment Josh Lamont and one to see Steve and told him that he was his son from his first marriage Steve had not told Grace that he had been married before The marriage didn t work out and the marriage had only lasted six months He didn t want to discuss his failures and had put the memory of the marriage behind him He never new that his first wife Cissy was pregnant and that he had another son Emma ended up The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid getting to know him first because he was the person who handled the testing for her toet into the Naval Academy She learned to like him Emma dropped her PE class at the high school and began to attend exercise classes with her mother and Lauren taught the class When Emma saw Josh and Lauren together and learned that her mother was friends with Lauren Emma invited Josh over for dinner with them Brian never warmed up to Josh but Katie seemed to et along with him and showed him their family pictures when he came over Grace began to realize that he was a nice person and no longer resented the fact that she was never told about Steve s first marriage Josh wasn t trying to become a member of their family just trying to make a place for himself in the situation he was in Patricia was also pregnant and taking part in the same exercise class with Emma and Grace Lauren was their instructor Patricia s sisters and mother had arrived for the birth when she found out that Michael didn t survive the fire The crew from Newsweek had filmed the entire event They had camera footage of Steve trying to save Michael and put out the fire They saw him blown off the ship without his float coat because he had used it on Michael Rivera Steve was found but was extremely week and his left arm was burned in the explosion He arrived home and was sent to Washington to meet the president He came home to find Emma and Katie arguing over a dress Emma had stuffed the dress she wore to homecoming in the bottom of her closet and Katie had found it and was preparing to wear it on a date with Cory Emma blew up and told Katie that she wasn t oing on a date with him and especially in that dress Katie didn t understand and Emma blurted out that Cory had raped her Steve and Grace went over to Cory s house with Emma and talked to Cory and his mother They told her about the rape and found out that similar situations had occurred previously with Cory Steve told her that if Cory didn t agree to Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, go to a rehab facility he would turn the event over to the local police They agreed to the rehabAfter everything that had happened Steve decided to take a local job with Boeing and remain in Puget Sound Grace kept her business running out of their new home Emma was accepted into the Naval Academy Brian attended the Art College Katie would become a local and attend high school without having to move again She was in the marching band playing the clarinet Theyot a dog who they named Daisy Steve and Grace were in sync once againJosh and Lauren talked about adopting children and Lauren agreed to marry Josh She had been married before Her first husband had been 16 years older than her and had died two years before she met Josh She was only twenty six Reading significant portions of one s own life in a book other than one s own autobiography is an intriguing experience I was immediately transported back to those days when like the three children in this book I too could be called the Navy brat of an officer who was a pilot an officer who also served on board ship that deployed from port and was Life Changing Smiles gone for months at a time leaving my mother in charge and me and my brother wishing my dad could have stayed homeGrace Bennett signed on willingly for her role as the wife of a Navy officer but when she realizes she siven too much of herself she also concludes she has to do something or she will have lost who she really is But what she wants to do is complicated by a secret her husband has kept from her since before their twenty year long marriage And Steve refuses to see why she has to make those changes or why they are so important to her At the same time her three children are oing through the throes of being the new kid yet again each of them managing that experience differently and with varying degrees of success How they see their parents and the his naval service also influences their reaction to the secret Grace insists Steve share with their children before he leaves on a 6 month deployment on the carrier where he is second in commandWhen a crisis at sea places all of their relationships at risk in the most permanent sense each of these beautifully crafted characters must come to terms with what it means to be who they are as individuals and as members of a Navy familyThe book kept me up far too late because I simply could not put it down A story that will resonate with the members of every military family and even with those who have never experienced the special reuirements made of the spouses and children of the men and women who serve I had a real hard time etting into this one I usually enjoy all of Ms Wigg s books so I don t really understand why I had such a hard time with this one The characters seemed very real to me but maybe I just didn t like how long it took to et to the point of everything Not my favorite story unfortunetly. Teve are forced to take a hard look at their faltering marriage But when the unthinkable happens Grace is left to face a Navy wife's worst nightmare the cold truth that life's biggest chances can slip away while you're looking for uarante.

Riginal movie The story revolves around a Navy family who s just moved to the Pacific northwest Dad s about to ship out on another tour while Grace the wife suffers a midlife crisis deciding to Copper Lake Secrets get in shape start her own business and buy a house Her husband is against all these things which made me dislike him so intensely I saidood when he ot knocked overboard on his aircraft carrier There s a bit with an unknown offspring showing up to work on dad s ship some issues with the children all of whom are unbelievably mature and accomplished and a bunch of side plots concerning fertility and date rape I didn t find any of these people believable or likable Wiggs made it worse by including so many characters in the book it became hard to keep track of everybodyI m mystified why any book club would want to discuss this melodramatic mess I loved loved this book It reminded me of what it must have been like for my many freinds as well as my Mother being a military wife This story is about a woman who reinvents herself after a life altering man walks into her husbands life and tells them he is this mans son Just as the husband is about to be shipped off to sea for months on in While he s away she learns that she needs to take care of herself and it shows the effects of how these life changes and an incident at sea changes their lives forever Great story I laughed and cried and ot angry and in the end was Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide greatful to some new insight on being a navy wife would be like Steve Bennett had served in the Navy for 26 years He and his wife had reached a crossroad in their relationship He was deployed and left on a carrier with things unresolved He was assigned to work with a reporter Francine Atwater and show her around They were on night ops when he saw Rivera catch on fire Steve uickly threw his float coat over Michael Rivera to put out the flames and was blown off the ship in an explosion of the flares that Rivera was also trying to throw off the ship Rivera had just found out that the child his wife Patricia was carrying wasoing to be a boy It would be his first Josh Lamont was new to landing planes on a carrier He was having trouble with his plane and saw the fire on the carrier deck as he was about to land He was forced to abort his landing He and his crew had to eject from the plane Josh was thinking of his Plain Jane The Hotshot girlfriend Lauren Stanton He had asked her to marry him before he was deployed and she had not yet agreed Lauren was afraid to say yes because Josh wanted children that she had found out that she couldn t have Her fertility tests came back that she was sterileSteve and Grace had been married soon after they met Steve was already an officer in the Navy and Grace was a disappointment to her parents Steve took her away and she became his wife Brian and Emma were now 18 yr old twins and Katie was starting high school Steve s orders for this year were for him to be stationed out of Puget Sound in Washington The night before school started Emma and Brian attended a party at the beach where some of the kids were drinking Shea attempted to kill herself and Emma rescued her She wasoing to take Shea home when Cory told her to Family of Her Dreams grab the beer that was left and he would drive The cops pulled up and Cory left Emma to take the blame for having the alcohol and being underage Emma explained what happened to her father and he felt that Cory should have stepped up but he trusted Emma was telling the truthBrian was an outstanding athlete and his father wanted him to apply for college at the Naval Academy but that was not where his interest was and he was afraid of his father s attitude so he applied and was accepted while his father was deployed Emma went on a couple of dates with the local football hero and uarterback Cory Crowthers Emma wasn t sure about her feelings for Cory and after winning the homecomingame Cory raped Emma He felt sure that he would not Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed get caught because Emma would never turn in the son of her father s commanding officer Emma didn t tell but became obsessive about cleaning herself cut her hair into a spike style and refused to see Cory again She took Brian s place in applying to attend the Naval Academy and didn t tell her parents During this time Grace became aware that she had become overweight and had lost herself in her marriage to Steve One of the things her and the kids did when they moved to new places was to look at local houses for sale She did this and found a house she fell in love with She met and became friends with the owner of the house The lady was a web site designer and suggested that Grace let her design a web site for her to start up a relocation business Grace thought about it and talked to Steve He was very discouraging about it and didn t like the idea of Grace not being completely dependent on him After he was deployed in November Grace started attending aym to lose weight She started the business and bought the house She became friends with her first client and was flattered by the attention she was Girls Night Out getting from him over the phone She met with him after his company had relocated to Seattle but balked and letting their friendshipo any further after meeting him for lunch She realized then that she wanted to work on her relationship with Steve and et back what they once had a long time ago It was that evening that sh. Grace has lost her sense of self And when a nearly forgotten secret resurfaces her discontent comes into sharp focus Something needs to change She needs to changeThen duty calls Now separated by an ocean of regrets and longing Grace and

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wwwfieldsendorg She's been featured in the national media including NPR's Talk of the Nation and is a popular speaker locally and nationally According to Publishers Weekly Wiggs writes with refreshingly honest emotion and the Salem Statesman Journal adds that she is one of our best observers of stories of the heart who knows how to capture emotion on virtually every page of every book Booklist characterizes her books as real and true and unforgettable She is the recipient of three RITA sm awards and four starred reviews from Publishers Weekly for her books The Winter Lodge and Passing Through Paradise have appeared on PW’s annual Best Of lists Several of her books have been listed as top Booksense picks and optioned as feature films Her novels have been translated into than two dozen languages and have made national bestseller lists including the USA Today Washington Post and New York Times lists The author is a former teacher a Harvard graduate an avid hiker an amateur photographer a good skier and terrible golfer yet her favorite form of exercise is curling up with a good book Readers can learn on the web at