Olaf Stapledon: Last and First Men

Nt in Douglas Adams The Restaurant at the End of the Universe where to torture a certain character he is put into the Total Perspective Vortex a device that gives him a perfectly accurate glimpse of the ntire mind cracking Mary Magdalen Myth and Metaphor enormousness of the universe andvery single thing contained therein including a microscopic pinprick that reads You are here Reading Last and First Men was like being put into the Total Perspective Vortex My brain is currently uite broken Or at the very least my sense of proportion If next time I m Alexander the Great expected at a party I show up 200000 years late it ll bentirely Olaf Stapledon s fault for making me think 200000 years is but a trifling moment gone in an The Private Life of the Diary eyeblink and no reason to put away the punch and slam the door in my faceIn this book Stapledon pour yourself a strong one for this tells the future history of 18 consecutive species of hominids over the course of 2 billion years Just for reference 2 billion years ago the planets in our solar system had only finished clumping together into of less cohesive balls of rock Things get trippySo you start reading and initially you follow along sure 400 years in the future I get that Then it s 1000 years still with you But then suddenly humanity blows itself up in a worldwide nuclear disaster and we slump into the first of many Dark Ages for wait what s that 10 million yearsThis guy gets space It s huge and slow and mostly uninteresting For most of the book s time span humanity s not up to anything tooxciting we re portrayed as just another part of nature blindly The Anthology Project (Volume 1) evolvingver adapting who Becoming an Academic Writer every once in a while gets lucky and makes some dazzlingly fast technological leap You know like the actual history of humanity so far In a way he s sketching his vision of what an ideal future moral history of humanity would look like with plenty of wars and aliens to keep things interesting along the way Stapledon seems to have very little faith in our current species hell we don tven make it to the Moon until approx 300000000 years in the future because our intellectual progress impressive as it is isn t free from the fetters of our biological hinderings ie sexual jealousy self interest competitiveness There s no realpolitik in Stapledon s vision of the present nations keep going to war because they hate A Land More Kind Than Home each other This book is about humanity s uest to overcome its base passions and become pure mindHaving said all that this novel can be dull Seriously dull It would be a whopping five starrer if it wasn t sogregiously boring at times Writing is not this man s forte he gets carried away with flowery metaphysical lyricism that smothers and overwhelms the course of A Free Man eventsStill Stapledon s vision and imagination than make up for it One can open this book at random and always find an idea that has been subseuently used in any number of sci fi stories all the way from Dune to biopunk It s all in there This is a must read for all serious science fiction fansINDIGNANT POST SCRIPTUM The first Americandition of this book by SF Masterworks opens with a regrettable foreword by Gregory Benford in which he nonchalantly remarks I would advise the reader to simply skip the first four parts of this book and begin with The Fall of the First Men I found myself shouting EXCUSE ME at the dumbstruck print What sort of foreword recommends readers skip half the book they re about to read I ll readily admit the first half is rather boring but it s a part of Stapledon s Betting on Fate envisioned whole Further it sssential to fully appreciate the time scale as the book advances allowing one to reminisce about those first few chapters and marvel at how far humanity has come over the course of billions of years It makes you realise how mightily insignificant our present is in the greater scheme of things Oh and he also scoffs at Stapledon for being shockingly wrong about the Masters of Death events that would take place in the decades following the book s publication I m sorry but whatxactly is shocking about not being able to predict the future Are we holding him up to the standards of a prophet Seriously this foreword is nothing but a puddle of runny arse gravy It s really hard to describe this novel in a way that can do it justice because any cursory The Spaniards Untouched Bride (Brides of Innocence explanation such as plotless and characterless has some rather negative connotations Indeed it s kinda impossible to have those herexcept in brief glances relying on bird s The Chestnut Tree (The Bexham Trilogy eye views before necessarily jumping on to the next BIG IDEA and Super Imaginative settingFor what we have here way back in 1930 is novel of Future History influencingvery big SF author of the day Stay even influencing Winston Churchill HG Wells Arthur C Clarke and countless SF writersver sinceWhy Let me do this uick Eighteen iterations of mankind over a billion years from the total death of our mankind the Laws of Ascension Companion evolutionary remergence of the next the differences oddities rediscoveries after soooo much time the new dreams aspirations religions the different values before the next mankind dies off We have Martian invasion we have our invasion of Venus we have major genetic modifications telepathy during other iterations the ability to The DIY Music Manual. Randy Chertkow Jason Feehan experience racial memory a la Dune adding multiple sexes immortality living in gas giants and sometimes merely striving only to improve the human race Over a billion years And of course whole races die Over and overIt s grand majestic awe some and brilliantSo much imagination is crammed into so few pages that a prospective SF author could just pour through this and continue to point at reused story ideas forven current day authors I look at the nuclear powered version of life on Venus the intelligent clouds of Mars the huge brains the musical race the race of time travelers and my jaw just drops It s not without No Mans Daughter emotionither There s a deep an abiding love for Melody on Loan everyone hereven as a whole race suffers deep The Toll-Gate ennui and anxistential crisis or during others that suffer impossible odds accidents or the final death of our solar system The philosophies give it away The spirit of the human races rise and bb and undergo vast changesAnd yet there s no characters or plot Just setting and world building and vast movements of so many people It would never get published today And yet it s still brilliant Absolutely worth knowing ven now It makes me wonder what we re collectively doing We can t forget that works like this EXIST Stapledon tells you the story of the human race starting now and Empire of the Saviours (Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord, ending with its demise well over a billion years in the future People change in all sorts of unexpected ways during some periods they have godlike intelligence during others they aren tven sentient any The book has obvious flaws but there s just nothing lse like it Some of the images are impossible to forgetDespite the fact that it s not very well known none of my 115 GR friends have it on their shelves an impressive collection of famous people give him a thumbs up Doris Lessing in particular has said than once that she was deeply affected by it Other fans include SF writers Arthur C Clarke and Brian Aldiss and the volutionary biologist John Maynard Smith This is truly an astounding novel Its ambition is to tell the story of humankind from the near future to the Good Thinking end of our species some two billion years into the future The beginning of this book can beasily skipped since it s an outdated projection of historical Death in Mumbai events from the time when Stapledon was writing around the 1930s However his fertile imagination truly takes flight when he imagines the distant future of humanityThe narrator of this chronicle is one of the last men who sends his account back to us over the millions of centuries through the writing of Stapledon And this is what this far descendant of our time reveals across the aeons the human race takes various shapes the book describes seventeen races or stages some races of menvolve to higher levels of consciousness some fall back to animality men meet with the inhabitants of Mars which are made of gas but worship gems some species of men are only made of brain cells that grow inside iron towers and are served by lower kinds of men later on the human species needs to leave the Earth and conuer Venus where they live in the atmosphere flying in utter bliss and feeling depressed when back on their two feet later still men migrate to Neptune to Baccarat : La lgende du cristal escape the slow senescence of the Sun and acuire a circular and stereoscopic vision of the heavens as well as the ability to think and sense as a whole species andven the power to influence the past Until finally the human race reaches its tragic O Colégio de Todos os Segredos endingThis whole voyage is in a way similar to that of Stapledon s later novel Star Maker but instead of travelling in the farthest realms of space this is a trip into. 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Exploratory awe inspiring xistential crisis inducingI have never read anything like this This is a documentary of humanity s career spanning from us homo sapiens to the last of its descendants some two billion years later Actually I had to refer to the wiki to write this review because for the love of god I cannot remember A Heart of Stone every single descendent of men there are a lot of details in this giant book It s a great summary for those who want to collect their thoughts after reading the book which I guarantee you will Don t read the wiki if you haven t finished the book I think it takes away the magic My god Stapledon s imagination knows no bounds I have not read something so bold so richly descriptive and so imaginative before He has imagined some descendants that are truly vastly different from the Fi I m not gonna lie folks of all the books I ve tackled so far this year Last and First Men has been the toughest challenge to my resolve to only read one book at a time That s not to say it s by any means a bad book it s part of the SF Masterworks Collection for very good reasons It s just that well gripping storytelling it ain tPenned in 1930 by a philosophy professor Last and First Men is heavy onxposition and all but devoid of character dialogue or ven plot beyond xploring the nature of the 18 races of man from First 20th Century Language and Linguistics earthbound Homo sapiens sapiens to Last Neptunian superbeings who live for thousands of years and how their society kept onvolving and devolving and Divertimento evolving again The text is presented as a sort of lecture series on the history of humanity delivered by a Last Men scholar who doesn t uite sneer at his predecessors and their flaws but doesn txactly hold them in reverence Love Is a Fairy Tale either Indeed often the prose reads like that of a 19th century natural history text on say social insects albeit very sophisticated onesThearly chapters of the novel are best read by a 21st century sci fi fan as a strange form of alternate history a la say Harry Turtledove in this case our point of departure is not long after Last and First Men s original publication date for nothing like World War II and the Holocaust Promise at Dawn even remotely figures in thisxtrapolation Stapledon possessed an acute talent for that but humanity has always been full of surprises One can smile indulgently at how off base he was but to do so is to completely miss why this book is a classic of the genre after all the rest of the 20th century is not ven the first tenth of this book and the First Men s story covers thousands of years of struggle sometimes genocidal to form a world government the creation of a scientific religion in which divine nergy is the object of worship and the purview of a rigid guild of scientists and the development of a culture of abundance no disease no want a flying car for Bangkok Wakes to Rain everybody that values strenuous physicality and flight above alllse to the detriment of human intelligence With predictable resultsBut wait Like I said that s not The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery even 25% of the book I ve never read any fiction so ambitious in scope folks The closest I can think of is maybe Stephen Baxter s Evolution butven it just took on the life span of life on planet Earth Last and First Men covers about two thousand million years takes us or a future version or 18 of us to the outer solar system and teems with phrases like Not till many hundred thousand years had passed did It s truly stupefying It s also very very clever to Darkmere encompass so much time in just 300 pages or so it has to be There s a mathematical progression governing the level of detail and verbiage devoted toach iteration of humanity I suspect though am not really a rigorous Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? enough person to be sure of this that this is an instance ofxponential decay At any rate the narrative speeds up considerably once Stapledon has dispensed with our own species the First Men and keeps on speeding up until Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den eventually a million years can pass in a sentence fragment At one point ten million years pass because it s a time of barbarism and stasis Well okay Mr Stapledon it s your Memorable FancyFor a giant William Blakean Memorable Fancy is what this book is a visionary and somewhat allegorical tale spun out to illustrate the writer s philosophy hopes and fears I would love to see andition of this book illuminated in the way that Blake did his works It would be an Scraps Of The Untainted Sky eminently lovely thingAlong the way we get to watch Stapledon toss off a stunning array of concepts and ideas that were uite ahead of his time and the influences of which we can find throughout science fiction the perils of geneticngineering Peak Oil and its aftermath the cyclical natures of high civilization and barbarism aliens that are genuinely and profoundly alien ie not Star Trek humanoids with The Eric Carle Gift Set extra nobbly bits on their faces the fragility of knowledge the notion that humans canasily Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century evolve back into animals if care is not takenIt sasy in short to see how Last and First Men came to be such a very influential book People talk about how Heinlein originally dashed off all of the sci fi tropes with which we have become so familiar but for a lot of them Stapledon was there firstI wonder what his other novels are likeI didn t use that Fashion Design Course edition s cover to decorate this post because I liked this cover so very very much better I mean look at itThink Idiocracy meets Otto from A Fish Called WandaIn his forward to SF Masterworksdition the great Gregory Benford advises readers to consider skipping the badly dated first 20 25% of this novel partly for reasons I ve already observed in addition to the wrong guesses at history this first narrative teems with racial and national stereotypes and of course gives women the shortest possible shrift but also to spare American readers some tart observations from a British philosopher who was no great fan of capitalism and American cultural hegemony But to skip these chapters would deprive the reader of the sensation of being swept along through time at an Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, ever accelerating rate that is one of this novel s uniue and mostxceptional offerings If you re going to read it read it 40 stars WOW this book is in a class all by itself for originality imagination and scope I can not believe I have not heard about this book as being one of the true classics of science fiction Written in the 1930 s this is a future history that tells the story of mankind over a span of 2 billion years yes billion with a B from 1930 until approximately the year 2000000000 During that period humanity Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga evolves through what Olaf describes as 18 different species of men our present being the First Men of the title Through those 18 iterations we seeverything from giant brained superminds to genetically Cincinnati and Other Plays engineered supermen to auatic fishmen and much much The reason that the book for all its amazing inventiveness does not get 5 stars is because the narrative at times can be very very dry The detailed descriptions ofach successive species of humanity and the trials and tribulations that befall them can become a bit tedious Thus there were times when I was not Speak Out! enjoying myself as much as I would have liked despite being in almost constant awe of the writer s imangination However despite that crticism this is a book that I strongly recommend to all fans of science fiction as many of the ideas and concepts found in modern science fiction found their first truexpression in this amazing futrue history HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Last and First Men The ultimate vision of man s I Like You the Best evolutionPosted at Fantasy LiteratureOlaf Stapledon s vision of mankind sntire future history until the The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles end is profound beautiful and affecting and was written way back in 1930 It is unfortunate that this work has not found a wider audience though it has had a deep influence on many of SF s luminaries including Arthur C Clarke who indicated that this book and its later successor Star Maker were the two most influential books he hadver read In my mind it is one of the most imaginative arly SF classics ver written just as important as the works of HG WellsHe touches on so many themes that still resonate today particularly mankind s potential for both great achievements and selfish cruelty for deep insight and self delusion And as mankind progresses through 18 major stages over billions of years apparently influenced by the Hegelian Dialectic Lone Star Standoff even delving into his own racial past we see the vast potential of mind in the universe And though mankind is finally likened to a single movement in the vastternal symphony of the cosmos this does not detract in any way from the tragic beauty of our brief xistenceUnlike modern novels the book reads like a future history without specific characters touching down briefly to document key vents and pausi There s this mome. 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The furthest reaches of time In this sense Last and First Men is a grandiose Curzon elaboration on HG Wells Time Machine Dante also came to my mind when reading this book as in the Divine Comedy we witness successive states of humanity without much lingering over the fates of individuals which makes the reading at times a bit tedious since there are no characters or dialogues to hold on to The very last part is perhaps the most beautiful and moving humans at last have reached an understanding of the Universe that opens spectacular vistas into the cosmos And this sadly is their swansong Rating 12 of fiveI cried uncle on p59 of this book which was part of a group read on LibraryThing it was written in 1930 or so it s true but nothing asphemeral as passing time can AHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers excuse the lineA century after the founding of the first world state a rumour began to be heard in China about the supreme secret of scientific religion the awful mystery of Gordelpus by means of which it should be possible to utilize thenergy locked up in the opposition of proton and Let’s Call It a Doomsday electronbuzz you re out Dr Stapledon and thanks for playing our game This is supposedly a novel That kind of snore inducing prose is notven xcusable in a textbook though it is xplainable there in a novel an ntertainment this tone is just about as far off the mark as any I can imagine I can t fairly comment on the plot since there isn t any that I can discern The story unfolds as a being from our remote future lectures us on what we did wrong with special mphasis on the horrors of America oof how very outmoded that sounds and China as co controllers of civilizationNow I can t fault Dr Stapledon for prescience since he pegged the two dominant countries of the future so solidly but there are no characters to make us care about the story and there are no passages of graceful prose to make us forgive the lack of characters All in all Garfield Swallows His Pride (Garfield, even given that I was skimming most of the book it was a waste of a lovely Sunday afternoon Last and First Men has been a uniuexperience It teaches and Prohibido nacer entertains not by presenting the reader with facts but by serving him and her with a broad range of possibilities that don t only open theyes but also the mindOn a basic level the xperience was very pleasant because of the imaginative power of Olaf Stapledon His imagination is second to none The images he conjures up provided me with the biggest spectacle I ve ver seen and that I can hope to see in the future A single paragraph sometimes contains wealth than the complete oeuvres of our most celebrated authors To an author this book must read like a succession of story settings and it s not surprising to see many claim it has been a source of inspiration to their own work And yet while this book is rightly praised for this abundance of imagination and the mind blowing proportion of it this praise falls short of xpressing what made Last and First Men such a magnificent read to me A love for life seeps from its pages rooted in common sense but also in the romantic It s a symphony of reason and motions of smallness and vastness and its conclusion left me What She Saw (Conard County enriched happy and deeply movedA fear I have while writing this review is that my admiration for it won t do this book any justice nor any favors That it will imperfectly shapexpectations of anyone reading this review that it will put so much Rivals Break (Sharpe Donovan emphasis on myxperience of it so that it doesn t leave room for you the reader to form an opinion that completely disregards what might be perceived as the opinion of a wide Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n eyed fanatic Or that people not having liked the book will use my possiblymotional arguments against the very thing I hold so dear But I have to take my chances I do want to share it given that at times my heart literally was beating faster while reading and that my Soft Focus eyes could simply not believe what they were reading The fact that this book was writtenpublished in 1930 beforeven World War II happened adds to the sense of something miraculous having occurred here I repeatedly double checked if this 1930 wasn t in reference to something Alien Chastity Belt else a symptom of the lack of belief that characterized myyes at the time of reading One of the things I liked aside from the bedazzling scope of the author s imagination is the way the fourth wall was broken through the idea that the author himself was but a vessel of communication between a very distant future human life form and the reader The account of all the iterations of mankind s Faker evolution and the richness in detail and nuance make it read like a convincing historical account convincingnough to Lawbreakers Suspense Stories evenntertain the idea proposed by the author that the future speaks to us through these pagesThis leads me to react on two criticisms I have read here repeatedly The first is that the near future predictions were wrong While I guess this is true when it comes to certain details protagonists scientific discoveries and so on I think no justice is done to this book by considering it a historical account of the future a creative HIPPO IN THE GARDEN exercise in future forecasting It s than that It s than anything I know and categorizing it is a mistake Even science fiction is too narrow a field to contain all that is within this book In any case running your finger along its lines and double checking it with reality is futile and senseless and completely besides the point In factven in his supposedly wrong predictions of the near future Stapledon touched on some very true traits of human nature In my version of the book the foreword by Gregory Benford actually recommends not reading the first chapters because of their factual Spinal Trauma errors Please do not follow this man s advice Don t skip anything in this book or at least not anything Stapledon has writtenA second criticism I read is on the way the story is presented There is a lack of a constant character to relate to and the birdseye view or Flying Man s view prevents any bonding between reader and story I can t but disagree First of all the civilisations are presented in a way that is detailed and passionatenough as to allow the reader to feel right at home among them whether they d be on Earth Venus or Neptune Sometimes though rarely Stapledon also zooms in on individuals providing the reader with yet another way of Shadow (New Species, engaging with the millions of characters that are within this book And ultimately I myself couldn t help but feel like a character within it How s that for immersion This story tells the story of humanity so the leap is not that big to makeThis book is deeply philosophical And here we come to the main reason why I don t just like this book but love it It asks life s biggest uestions without falling into the trap of falling on one s knees and shout out anxasperated WHY Rather it s written by someone with a tender yet firm a uestioning yet reassuring voice It s always very collected dispassionate when 細味人生100篇 exploring possibilities when describing the search of so many people the defeats theyndure their disappointments and their small victories It s an ode to humanity without forgetting the baseness and The Gathering (Darkness Rising, evil that sometimes characterizes us And despite the theme it doesn t present humankind as the center of the universe though it does shortly consider the possibility that it is its most beautiful flower This consideration is blissfully left open without a conclusion It s an ode to light despite all the darkness that surrounds it It s an ode to the temporary in anternal setting It s an ode to the cosmos despite not knowing what the hell it is It s telling me that life is ultimately beautiful despite its insignificance in the vast MongoDB expanse of time space and possibilities That the universe is a wonderful riddle regardless of whether we can solve it or not That being able to recognize the mystery that surrounds and pervades us is a gift in itself a spark that can take humanity a far way I highly recommend this book toveryone I won t judge you if you don t like it I can t offer the guarantee that you will but I can only say I m very glad I can count myself among those who really do I won t claim this book is an Chastity easy read There were days where I didn t feel I had the mental capacity to fully get what was written and move forward But it s a fulfilling read Be patient and give yourself the time to find the right moment to read it I m surprised this book isn t a worldwide timeless success given its scope There s something in there forveryone and it s surprising to me that it s not part of mass culture but this surprise makes me all the grateful that I got the chance to discover it I ll see what I can do in making other people get acuainted with it as well hoping but not Experiential Learning expecting them to like it as much as I did Maybe I can start by convincing you. 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wikipediaWilliam Olaf Stapledon was a British philosopher and author of several influential works of science fictionStapledon's writings directly influenced Arthur C Clarke Brian Aldiss Stanisław Lem C S Lewis and John Maynard Smith and indirectly influenced many others contributing many ideas to the world of science fiction