David Yamane: Student Movements for Multiculturalism Challenging the Curricular Color Line in Higher Education

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Had this book on my to ead for almost two years since this was Jacques Prevert recommended by a professor who said Yamane s study was well done and well written on my dissertation committee The study is dense with a focus in case study archival and interviews but I agreed that it was well done in terms of methodology and coverage of the politics As. Beginning with the premise that a comprehensive understanding of American life must confront the issue oface sociologist David Yamane explores efforts by students and others to address acism and acial ineuality to challenge the color line in higher education By 1991 nearly half of all colleges and universities in the United State.

With any historical narrative it got confusing with the different faculty and student committees at both Berkeley and U Wisconsin I wish Yamane had an additional appendix with a uick timeline and committee description I also appreciated the focus on organizational theory in the two case studies I also appreciate the last chapter abou. S had established a multicultural general education euirement Yamane examines how such euirements developed at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin at Madison during the late 1980s when these two schools gained national attention in debates over the curriculumBased on interviews primary documents.

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T how these two cases The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party relate to the larger pedagogy debate But the argument that vocationalism is outpacing liberal arts majors came out of no where I wish Yamane introduced that argument early in chapter 1 Overall a great case study on how two universities pushed through a multiculturaleuirement in the undergraduate core curriculum. And the existing literature on How to Write Essays race and ethnicelations education cultural conflict and the sociology of organizations Student Movements for Multiculturalism makes an important contribution to our understanding of how curricular change occurs and concludes that multiculturalism epresents an opening not a closing of the American mi.