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R body Ironic coming from a guy who plugged himself into hundreds of men Too often people cling to others for isturbing and Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes dysfunctional reasons of need andesperation which essentially can sink both of them How true especially within the gay community I m unsure it s realistic to say you can be whole alone on your own but this is where his spiritual side comes out He says his life has been The Confabulist dedicated to Jesus though his views have changed as an adult but he has the right idea that there is a balance that must occur between the spiritual and the sensual to make a man feel complete Hopefully this book will help him find the peace he has been looking for all these years Interesting read about the life of 80 s gay soap actor and painter Thom Bierdz A good mix of behind the scenesish and real life insight Good readInteresting book even from a heterosexual female If you like Thom Bierdz then read this book Every time I read the word naught in this book I could just hear him pronouncing the word Not your typical celebrity this one specializes in his sex life As a reader you get to live through the adventures of actorartistwriter Thom Bierdz s sex life He is unapologetic honest humorous and ver straight forward At times you feel like you are having a conversation with a good friend If you are bashful about talking about sex or afraid to see photos of a beautiful naked man then read onThom s exploits begin as a kid growing up in the Midwest and learning about sex Being from the Midwest myself I related to the authors Catholic upbringing You want to learn about sex but grab the closes things you can find to learn about itYou follow Thom s adult journey from the bars of Wisconsin to Hollywood and eventually to Lake Arrowhead Each moment in time told again honestly and truthfully with no apologies Pour yourself your favorite Der Illusionist drink and crack open Young Gay Restless Great readThe narration kept me turning the page could not put itown Wish I could that free and honest about my sex life Thom Bierdz played heartthrob Phillip Chancellor III on The Young and the Restless in the 80s until his character was killed off Years later Phillip returns having faked his eath hiding the secr. Ionships social anxiety taboo fantasies penile enlargement psycho fan roommate online hook ups gym sex mid life crisis leaving Hollywood and society impotence and rekindled romance Nude pics and humorously graphic language SEXUALLY EXPLICIT Bierdz is also known from Melrose Place Murder She Wrote Matlock Old Dogs New Tricks and is currently president of wwwAmericanArtAwardsco.

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Good ReadThom Bierdz takes you though the ups and owns of fame while trying to maintain an intimate as a gay actor stuck in the closet Educational Fascinating HonestGreat self examination honest candid helpful to others Amazing sexual autobiography I Ask the Past don t think I ve ever read anything like it Loss of one star because I had trouble with following his time shifts Is this attractive very likable man on the autism spectrum Well worth the time for me Educational not really titillating Thank you Thom From the start this is a pretty poorly written and badly edited book If you like well written structured stories rich withetail you will find this memoir frustrating Also if you Riding Class (Saddle Club, don t care to read hundreds of examples of a man having gay sex and it s hundreds then you won t like it eitherThe first half of the book is one or two stars Bierdz is blunt about his upbringing to the point of mentioning childhood sex and improper fantasies with male relatives He includes examples of the casting couch meeting strangers in gay bars biased in Hollywood against gay actors and his self loathing over what he believes are average looks in a profession that values hunks It s uncomfortable to read and intentionally so he thinks he s on a crusade to say what no one else will putown on paperAt times he names names other times he uses just a first name or initials and in rare cases an A list actor or producer goes unnamed It s refreshing to hear Tom Cruise or Ryan Seacrest called out from a gay perspective but in some cases it s shocking that Bierdz tells some very negative stories with real people s names in themThe turning point in the book comes with his family and if you Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, don t know his life story then I won t spoil it but there are two major tragedies that occur He and his siblings appear to be filled with mental instability and illness Even Thom writes like a crazed man and after seeing examples of his work it appears he channels his mental illness to his paintings Throughout the book the guy comes across as mentally ill Some will struggle with him being so blunt aboutreaming about sex with his mother or his attraction to his fatherTo make up for the tragedies he goes wild uring midlife. THIS VERY LONG HUMOROUSLY SEXUALLY EXPLICIT EBOOK IS IN GLORIOUS COLOR BUT THE 400 PAGE PAPERBACK IS BLACK AND WHITE The Young and the Restless soap hunk Thom Bierdz playing Phillip Chancellor III offers this new sex memoir topping the unabashed sensationalism of his 9X award winning Forgiving Troy The latter pertained to transcending the tragedy of his schizophrenic brother.

By having random anal sex everywhere including a whole chapter evoted to gym locker room showers and steam rooms Most of the book is about sex At least three fourths of it if not is him going person by person through pretty much every guy he had touched or sucked It gets really boring and repetitive after awhile because he rarely goes into full Short Stories by Roald Dahl details with any of them nor are most of them interesting So he kissed a guy in a coffeeshop bathroom Bigeal The book needs some really good editing and at 400 pages it at least a hundred pages too long Because it s self published it also is poorly typeset and has spacing issues which needed an objective eye to publish properlyHe is self Goldilocks the Three Bears destructive in many ways and it s fascinating to see him go from a star on the 1 soap opera to waiting tables or servingrinks at a billionaire s private party where he encounters former co stars He appears to have a self estructive streak in everything he oes sabotaging just about every opportunity that could turn out well from work to relationships His Socialist Realism dream was to be a movie star but he never reallyoes anything to achieve it and refuses to stoop to sleeping with the guys that could take him to the top It makes no sense since he is willing to sleep with random bar pick ups that he I Look Up To... Michelle Obama drops after a night or two As an insecure anxiety filled actor whooubts his good looks he seems to be too intimidated by those in power to use his sexuality to his advantage He blames it on anxiety but he Doctor Extraño does not like being around stable people because they make him feel insecure and paranoidAfter groaning through page after page ofull sex stories I finally was happy to see that near the end of his life he begins to get self analytical and have perspective He moves to the mountains goes ays without seeing people spends most of his time online watching porn and even trying male hookup sites and stops having sex His few attempts at meeting men there are failures and espite having an amazing body he is happy being alone The star rating of the book goes way up when he begins to Never Tell draw conclusions about his life such as Io not need another to fix or fill meyou are absolutely complete without plugging into anothe. Murdering their mom but this new tell all unveils his every scandalous often amusing sex adventure  A young closeted cowboy from the sexually shaming Midwest becomes a soap opera star and 30 years later exposes his amusing and complicated carnal journey including sexual assaults trysts with stars a proposition from a bishop romance with a famed billionaire noncommittal relat.