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D wounds are exposed and reexamined while murder and mayhem tiptoes around themOn top of fascinating character studies there is an insidious mystery The flawless writing swept me along like rapids I can hardly wait to see what the author has in store in her next novel This was an interesting bookThe premise is that there is an angel of death roaming around a retirement home illing off residents who are close to death It s straight forward and fascinating but unfortunately this book just isn t that goodIt s a shame because the characters are some of the most I ve ever read and I loved to hate themThe reveal of the The Canadian Regime killer and the climax are lackluster and the end is laughable and not in a good way Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my copy of this ARC What She Never Said is the second book in the Santa Barbara Suspense series but it certainly isn t necessary to have read the first instalment beforehand I mean who can resist such a sinister plot based at a care home for the elderly where patients are been hastily bumped off by a shadowy angel of death It has a cosy mystery type of atmosphere to it which I enjoyed and the fact that there are many threads to the plot makes the story fully rounded Where I felt a little let down was with the characterisation the only character I felt was sufficiently developed was the angel of death and the rest of the cast were rather one dimensional cookie cutter type individuals unfortunatelyWhatept me reading was wanting to Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space know who and why these deaths were occurring so there is definitely a good build up of suspense on the authors part However if you are one of those readers who reuires a hero or likeable character to get behind this may not be for you all of the cast are pretty much unlikeable from the outset These type of books only serve to those up my belief that dying at home around people you can trust is the preferable way to go There was also a few decent twists and turns which ratcheted up the tension towards the end of the book and it was a uick easy and well written read with the insidious nature of secrets and lies creeping out and coming back to haunt those who wish they could simply forget Many thanks to Thomas Mercer for an ARC Santa Barbara Suspense 2 Ruth Mosby is the Vice President of Operations at Serenity Acres where the privileged elite go to die Ruth is very strict and doesn t like when rules are broken She gets her son a job in theitchen and a neighbour job as a security guard But when people start dying there and not through illness it looks like foul play Ruth and her neighbour Zach have rets hidden in their past They also have current issues that they are trying to hide Zach is a retired detective I found this book to be a chilling and thrilling read The characters are complex the storyline suspenseful The story is told from several peoples point of view I did guess where the story was going ut that did ot spoil it for me Although this is the second book I this series it an be read as a standalone I would like to thank Netgalley Thomas Mercer and the author Catharine Riggs for my ARC in exchange for an honest revie. Other word for it murderRuth enlists her neighbor an ex detective named Zach to discover the Angel’s secret identity However the two have a painful history and Ruth has dark secrets all her own To solve the mystery Ruth must descend from her golden tower but can she bear the conseuences of revealing her own sinister trut.

Th Mosby is the VP of Operations at Serenity and she draws her neighbour Zach an ex cop recovering alcoholic and now security guard into a risky investigation Ruth s defensive self aggrandizement and self justification set her up as an unsympathetic character but Riggs has a tremendous facility for making bitter brittle damaged individuals sympathetic She is also strong on distinctive narrative voices and the prickly exchanges between Ruth and her daughter are terrificThe novel explores the generational destructiveness of secrets and lies and Philip Larkin s lament that parents Fill you with the faults they had and add some extra just for you chimes loud and clear in Riggs s complex and entertaining characters and their damaged relationships What She Never Said is a fast paced compulsive read and I speak as a slow paced easily distracted reader Often tense always page turning and with well judged touches of dark humour it considers serious issues such as assisted suicide and the dangers of psychosocial pressure on vulnerable while retaining its zing In Catharine Riggs s novels beautiful people can have ugly souls while the decrepit and the old the disfigured and the damaged are capable of a generosity and selflessness which reveals their true beauty and with it the possibility of atonement and redemption through the power of forgiveness This is my first read from this author I enjoyed the book and the writing eep me glued to find out what happens Serenity Acres is a retirement home for the wealthy in Santa Barbara Ruth Mosby is the VP of Operations When a new company buys Serenity things change If you can t pay you can t stay When the residents start dying one after another it alarms Ruth Along with all the talk from other residents about an angel An Angel of Death or is mercy Ruth asks her neighbor Zach an ex detective with whom she has history for help in investigating exactly what is going on at Serenity Ruth has dark secrets of her own and Zach is a recovering alcoholic that suffers from trauma I was a nurse for thirty two years so I really loved the medical thrill of this It s compelling and fast read I really enjoyed itDawnny BookGypsy I ve read two books now by author Catharine Riggs What She Gave Away and her latest What She Never Said In both novels she exhibits a real talent for creating characters with deep seated uirks and foibles some with serious personality disorders But it s what she does with her characters after presenting their flaws that make both books so compelling By degrees she reveals events in their pasts that have shaped the way they barge or bumble through life pasts that hold mistakes and painful events that have marked them for the remainder of their livesBut wait even lives mired in regrets can be resurrected And there lies the real drama In What She Never Said the author gives us two very realistic characters who share a past so full of guilt and shame they can barely speak with each other which is awkward considering they are still next door neighbors It s when they try to make peace with the past and begin to work together at Serenity Acres that their ol. Rrangement but the savvy new boss has a new rule if you can’t pay you can’t stayRuth is deeply disturbed when destitute residents start dying at an alarming rate as if on cue Even troubling a macabre note accompanies each departed guest Surviving guests whisper about an “Angel” who assists with suicides Ruth has an.

I have not read the first book by this author but I do want to check it out Having said that this book can be read as a stand alone novel When it came to characters I really like the voice of the Angel I got the Angel s reason for playing God In fact I did not blame the Angel for what he did I just wished that the Angel s voice was prominent in the book I just finished this latest thriller by Catharine Riggs and I really enjoyed it The first part of the book and the characterization of Ruth was four to five stars in my opinion The second part of the book and especially the end wasn t uite as strong so I landed on three stars Ruth Mosby is the VP of operations at a retirement home for the wealthy in Santa Barbara After working there for there for decades she finds herself struggling to eep her job and her calm as new corporate management starts ruling with an iron fist in order to cut costs But when residents at the retirement home start dying off Ruth gets suspicious She works with her long time neighbor and ex detective Zach to figure out who is behind the deaths but the two of them have a painful and dark secret that suddenly threatens to come to the surface The book mai The story had a deadly premise an Angel who helped the elderly at the nursing home to hasten their deaths Ruth the VP of Operations at Silent Acres soon realized that the deaths were not normal She called in Zach her abrasive neighbor and retired detective Together they investigatedMy first book by Catharine Riggs I was uite enthralled by the story having I ve got two elderly parents in a retirement community so I spend a lot of time there Thus I was interested in a murder mystery dealing with a retirement community The book starts with the concept of an angel of death someone helping the elderly on their way in exchange for telling a secret But the real story seems to be about Ruth the VP of Operations at Serenity Acres She s an odd one a real stickler for rules She s not an easy character to like even though she s very sympathetic to her guests When the community is bought by a publicly traded conglomerate the old ways are tossed out the window and Ruth s concerns really make her the odd man out Ruth brings in Zach her neighbor a retired detective to work as nighttime security They have a dark history together which we re not privy to initially and it s damaged both of them The story alternates between Ruth and Zach Zach s sections include way too much of him talking to his dead wife which annoyed me I can t say this book enthralled me I found the writing and plot to be pretty predictable and average I had a good idea who the Angel was from early on And the ending seemed rushed after such a long lead up I hadn t realized this was the second in a series But it s easily read as a stand alone My thanks to netgalley and Thomas Mercer for an advance copy of the book Is the spike in deaths of destitute residents at the elite retirement complex of Serenity Acres a sad coincidence or the work of an Angel of Death This is just one of the many mysteries shrouding the lives and deaths of staff and residents at the facilityRu. People are dying at a luxury retirement community and not from natural causesRuth Mosby is the VP of operations at Serenity Acres where the privileged elite go to die For a hefty fee wealthy retirees can live the good life in this posh Santa Barbara community even after they outlive their money Ruth thinks this is a fine

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