Ric Knowles: Reading the Material Theatre Theatre and Performance Theory

Exts and so n prevent Knowles from giving an ideally thorough examination he provides a lot Indo No Kao of clues for what to look at when examining theatrical materialism including uestions about perfromance production locations architecture relations to space and community promotion andrganization f spaces within th. P introduction to key terms and areas f performance theory They include the cultural work performed by a major Shakespearean repertory theater a small nationalist theater devoted to new

Great combo Giant Peach Yodel of theory in the first section and case studies in the second section case studies include Stratford Festival Knowles books isne Sinai and Zion of the most important textsn understanding theatre in its socio cultural context Although the wide variety f theatre companies performance venues performance cont. Ric Knowles develops and demonstrates a method f theatrical performance analysis involving the entire theater experience from production to reception Five case studies provide a first ste.

E theatre building The book provides illustrative examples including a set f case studies which make up the latter half that flesh ut and clarify many f the issues Knowles raises as part f the meaning making interplay Iniquity of semiotics and cultural materialism that goes into theatrical production and reception. Lay development a major New York based avant garde touring theater company and a British socialist company dedicated to the workf Shakespeare as well as a range f international festival.

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