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Do to one of its own who threatens the cities balance by trying to break free of the mold This was a strange book but definitely a memorable one I didn t think I liked it at first and I definitely didn t love it but I did find my thoughts returning to it after I d read it It will be staying on my bookshelf for that reason plus admittedly I d be loath to get rid of it even so due to the lovely Kinuko Craft coverFull Review Edit added review for Drinking Sapphire WineDon t Bite the Sun 45 starsDO NOT BITE THE SUN TRAVELERYOU WILL BURN YOUR MOUTH Attlevey oomasWhat do you do when you grow tired of constant ecstasy When every need is provided and all that s asked of you is your gratitude and you re still filled with ennui and dissatisfaction Even your rioting and destruction seems expected of you not dangerous at all and doesn t provide the catharsis you re looking forMaybe you should get a job Try out the arts Have a child Or impulsively join an archaeological expedition in the blazing desert outside your city in a bubbleThis short novel starts out tantalizingly weirdly with strange language and cultural uirks with no explanation I ad to skip back a couple of times to recall various events or characters because it was a little overwhelming After a while it all settled in and was easy to follow and I was able to sympathize with our unnamed main character s troubles in Artful her glamorous decadent worldThe disaffected youth angle is not exactly original and the revelation on the last page didn t seem to follow from anything thatad come before it However the eroine s umorous self aware observation of er decisions and emotional state keeps things light and there are ints of genuine affection between عصير الرماد her ander circle and Of Blood and Bone (Chronicles of the One, her ander stolen pet which made for an oddly cozy feel I m interested in seeing where the story goes in the second Four BEE novel published in this collected volumeDrinking Sapphire Wine 35 stars Attlevey again oomasOur unnamed The Legacy (The Restoration Series, heroineas done it this time She s been reading the materials in the Historical Library in Four BEE started a duel and as result committed the first crime in centuries The AI caretakers of the city decide to punish Perpetual Power (The Tressa Tremaine Series Book 1) her by exilinger to the desert outside the protective wallsThis and that Celine happen and oureroine Charmed (The Donovan Legacy, half accidentallyalf by design creates a green paradise outside the isolated dwelling the AIs Ballet Shoes have created forer Her situation and Strictly Temporary - Volume One (Strictly Temporary, her uniue and to beonest unthinking revolt against Four BEE draw in other voluntary exilesThere were a decent number of things that didn t work for me in this second alf of the Four BEE duology The introduction of older Earth concepts to this now presumably post apocolyptic utopia felt shoehorned in After almost an entire book of episodic events that connected into an intriguing weird whole our author finally realizes that maybe we should ave a plot so there s a big explosive conflict and then the the whole thing is capped off with one of the oldest SF chestnuts the view spoilerrebirth of Eden Cheri Red hide spoiler This was an absorbing utterly loopy read about a world gone so wrong that suicide is one of the most popular options available This story is about finding a way out of that meaninglessness Kept me reading even though I often wanted to slap the protagonist Great stuf. Desire you've got no reason to rebeluntil making love and raisingell daring death and running wild just leave you cold and emptyRavenous for true adventures of the mind and body desperate to find some meaning one restless spirit finally bucks the system and by shattering the rules strikes at the very eart of a soulless socie.

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Really interesting to read just a week or so after Brave New World as they both explore enforced utopias In both sex is very casual individuals are not only not very individual but they don t interact with other castes age groups careers are meaningless procreation is controlled and is not done in the womb drug use in encouraged to increase appiness etc In neither do we learn much about Kingdom of Ashes (Nightfall, how this society developedow it really works Both are of course focused on one misfit This is a much longer book with interesting characters and is often entertaining The cover is kinda sorta don t worry about it about what it means or what scene it s illustrating It s not fantasy and it s not really a girlie book Def provocative SF Maybe better for younger folks though who can likely empathize with the Jang and their prolonged adolescenceIf you re interested you really do want the omnibus It s not too long or long feeling at least once you get past the first ah 60 pp or so And so if you re interested I do recommend the pair If not they re skippable You ought to take this seriously I was scoldedHow will that Websters Ii Dictionary, Third Edition, Office Edition help Like most loners you carry the seeds of violent authority Loners need to be bossy They uickly learn it s the only method theyave of shoving people off their backs I love Aladdin how easily Lee can create depressed or unhappy characters without ever once saying so Thus is the case with this book seroine The writing as usual for Lee was great but again as with most sci fi I read this wasn t for me This book Daddy Must Die has such a wonderful main character though sheas a desire for something greater in The Message Glorious her life for three uarters of the book she spendser time getting distracted from that by many shiny things a new pet someone new to fall in love with a new body archeology volcanos stone carving someone else new to fall in love with theft etc The author does such a good job O Cérebro de Broca humanizinger as a protagonist through that because onestly who really trusts a teenager who decides to dedicate their life to a greater something or other and then proceeds to focus on that to the exclusion of all elseAlso a theme never trust robots probably they are evil andor explosive Tanith Lee s books ave this odd undefinable dream like uality to them They certainly Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales have the same logic as most dreams or at the very least feel as though they do Biting the Sun a science fiction dystopia in which the world is controlled by some form of robot and the majority ofumans are encouraged to spend the entirety of their lives in blissful ignorance of the real realities of life and A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, humanity there s a never growing up metaphor that isn t uite a metaphor throughout the book is no exception It wasn t entirely to my taste I m not much of a science fiction person but I enjoyed it nonetheless A piece of advice don t think about it too much Just go along with it like a dream The BasicsIn a world where the least desire is met oureroinehero is getting bored They want something intangibly that vast technological advances can t meet The uestions becomes not whether they will find the answer they seek but whether society will let themMy ThoughtsThis is one of Tanith Lee s most popular works and ROMANTIC TAKEOVER having finally read it I see why Not just for it s entertainment value of which isas a lot but for the chances it takes. In a world dedicated to pleasure one young rebel sets out on a forbidden uestPublished for the first time in a single volume Tanith Lee's duet of novels set in a edonistic Utopia are as riveting and revolutionary as they were when they first appeared two decades agoIt's a perfect existence a world in which no pleasure is off li.

And the messages it sends By today s standards what Lee does with the idea of gender swapping might seem tame but for it s day I can imagine it was different illuminating and maybe even shocking to some Characters in this world change appearance and gender on a whim They get married and divorced within a week There is a lot Utopia No death no risk no danger no work no money just sheer comfort and fun and leisure forever A perfect futuristic society watched over by benevolent AI androids Who could want right Except if that society isn t your cup of tea well living in it can be ellish Great book or rather two books since this is apparently Don t Bite the Sun and Drinking Sapphire Wine bundled up in one They re both utterly necessary though so you should definitely read bothI purposefully picked this up after my latest Iain M Banks in order to explore a different take on utopian society The difference Keeper of the Light here is that the protagonist is deeply unhappy in the way that juveniles and adolescents are but she truly doesn t fit in with the rest ofer society The first book Don t Bite the Sun is the weaker of the two because it feels like one very very long drawn out prologue but precisely because of that it s necessary for what comes next You Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, have to seeer trials and tribulations and false starts and flailing attempts to grasp meaning out of a life that The Homing has utterly lost meaning and to gradually realise that there is no way out These attempts are what slowly makeer and sympathetic and likeable even in all The Women of Easter her shallow superficial airs and shenanigans What starts off as youthful rebellion evolves into so much She grows upWhich is where Drinking Sapphire Wine comes in which is much stronger and plot driven and I strongly preferred it The aimless anecdotes turn to a educated disillusioned protagonist and the novel eventually becomes a futuristic Robinson Crusoe and I am totally 100% okay with that I won t say much else for fear of spoiling its developments but it was very good the world building throughout was strong and interesting the voice witty and fun andeartwrenching at timesAnd a note about the villain view spoilerThe slow unveiling of the Rs the uasi robots as the baddies was perfectly done and plays right into genre tropes re villainous AIs and the Hal esue It s for your own good malice Moddik s reveal at the end Why Are You So Scared? honestly caught me offguard though I should ve seen it coming His speechstunt also oddly presaged Watchmen s Ozymandias fabulous I did it thirty five minutes ago So well done Tanith Leeide spoiler In the far far future after most of the planet The Power of One has been sucked dryumanity lives in three colossal dome cities in the middle of the vast desert There is no The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, hunger sickness or true death suicide is a sport thatas next to no conseuences since a new body of any shape size or sex is always waiting Youth now lasts a century and the disaffected young people now form a separate class in society the eternally dilettante Jang encouraged or reuired to be silly selfish and profligate to change their bodies and their sex often to sample every drug food music and sensation this He Who Dares hedonistic societyas to offer and never to think a serious thought or do anything that is not thoughtless and pleasurableBut what if this existence chafes What would such a society. Mits no risk is too dangerous and no responsibilities can cramp your style Not if you're Jang a caste of libertine teenagers in the city of Four BEE But when you're expected to make trouble when you can kill yourself on a whim and return in another body when you're encouraged to change genders at will and experience whatever you.

Tanith Lee was a British writer of science fiction horror and fantasy She was the author of 77 novels 14 collections and almost 300 short stories She also wrote four radio plays broadcast by the BBC and two scripts for the UK science fiction cult television series Blake's 7Before becoming a full time writer Lee worked as a file clerk an assistant librarian a shop assistant and a wai