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Providing a whistlestop tour through building a ange of Ruby on Rails applications on the back of other services Ruby on Rails Web Mashup Projects is aimed at those who are already comfortable building Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge rails applications and want some sense of how they can be enhanced using a variety of other visualisation data and processing providersAside The term mashup is one of those tech terms that s almost impossible to pin down I should note that the way it used in this book seemingly any application that draws on a third party services is not a way I d choose to use it but I dather focus on the book itself than on titling semanticsThe book hits all the usual suspects google maps flickr technorati wikipedia and also covers the basics of building a facebook application using paypal for payment processing and sending faxes and SMS messages through a third party gateway For those who want a uick overview of all of those options it ll give you enough to get started though as a esult of the pace only the very basics of each service is covered and anyone wanting to build a sophisticated app will have uite a bit In Detail A web mashup is a new type of web application that uses data and services from one or external sources to build entirely new and different web applications Web mashups usually mash up data and services that are available on the Internet freely commercially or through other partnership agreements The external sources that a mashup uses are known as mashup APIs This book shows you how to write web mashups using Ruby on Rails the new web application development framework The book has seven eal world projects and each project is described in a methodical step by step way showing how you can write a web mashup from the ground up APIs covered in the book This book covers Google Maps API Yahoo geocoding services Geocoderus geocoding services Geocoderca geocoding services Hostipinfo Google.

F work in front of them learning the nuances of their chosen service providersAlong with providing little detail of each service the book suffers from not Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family really digging into a number of topics that would make it a much useful companion Big challenges when building applications dependent on other peoples servers include effective testing caching surviving third party service outages and good ways of integrating your interface code into your applicationLip service is paid to the need to be prepared for a third party service outage but no examples of how to survive are offered It wouldn t have been hard to illustrate ways of falling back to local databases or to secondary services but none is offered There s no mention of writing tests so no opportunity to offer ways to use mocks to test the local code or to discuss how you might automate your testing of the integration itself and caching is similarly overlooked except in the case of e commerce services where it is used to preserve historical data that doesn t make accessibleThe absence of testingeally shows through in some of the code offered Much of Spreadsheet EditGrid Clickatell Interfax ECS Sparklines Facebook Indeed DayLife Technorati Futef WebserviceX Currency Convertor Weatherbug Google Bases Geonames Flickr Paypal Google Calendar Google Account Authentication Google Data and Google Spreadsheet Data What you will learn from this book You will learn what a mashup application and a mashup plug in are and how you can effectively use mashup technology to do than just Web 20 startups You will also learn how to use Ruby and Ruby on Rails to combine mix and match up nearly 30 mashup APIs from small to eally large scale and from completely free to commercial to Map a fleet of kiosks in an online map Send marketing messages through e mail SMS and fax Sell and track the sales of books Search for jobs through a Facebook application Show all

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He code demonstrated in the book is overly complex and procedural with little in the way of modular eusable components Similarly there s little by way of discussion of where such code fits into your ails application with some classes that are clearly models albeit non ActiveRecord models dropped into the lib folder and numerous very fat controllersRather than covering seven separate projects this box would have been much stronger had it focussed on two or three but worked through them in significantly detail Possibly there wouldn t have been a chance to touch on as many services but by building up one of the diverse systems like the ticketing application in detail covering failover testing clean integration with a ails app and other such topics this could have been a much icher book with appeal for a far wider ange of developers As is it s worth skimming through if you The Sky Weaver re looking for advice on sending faxes or SMS but won t help much with theeal challenges of building a Morning in America: How Ronald Reagan Invented the 1980's robust application that s dependent on third party servicesDisclaimer I was sent a copy of this book foreview by the publisher. Orts of information on a geographic location Buy and pay for movie tickets then post the screening information in an online calendar Apply approve and pay for employee expense claims Approach This book is project based The format of each project is similar with a statement of the project discussion of the main protocols involved an overview of the API and then complete code for building the project You will be led methodically through concrete steps to build the mashup with asides to explain the theory behind the code Who this book is written for This book is for Ruby on Rails developers who want to expand the features of their site by consuming emote external data and services Basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails programming is euired but you need not have any experience of any of the APIs used.