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Mystery at its core but also explores family dynamics in a way that most mysteries do not The plot structure was unusual it s laid out with varying points of view and time jumps these are two things that usually annoy me to no end but here the techniues were used to enhance and propel the story forward Each POV character had a little piece of the puzzle to contribute and each time jump was used keep the pages turnin. D years ago but a bigger bombshell is in store evidence from the body proves that he was murder.

Good read As with all of Ford s novels the characters are real like people you meet every day The murder mystery adds a twist that drives the novel and keeps the reader on her toes Not as believable as some of his novels but still a really ood one that I recommend highly This murder mystery that is also a portrait of a family in small town New York is marred by constant flitting between times Normally this isn James McCloud a Seattle district attorney ets an early morning phone call from his sister Cele.

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ExcellentMichael Thomas Ford is an excellent writer and one of my favourite authors So it isn t surprising that I liked this Each MTF book is so different from entle family stories to longer emotional sagas to Dead-End Road Mysteries good old romances and now to this murder mystery overflowi Michael Thomas Ford is areat writer and this is a Hear the Wolves great book I was hooked from the beginning and it justot better and betterThe story is a murder. Ste announcing that their father's body has been found Police officer Daniel McCloud disappeare.

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Michael Thomas Ford is the author of than fifty books for both young readers and adults in genres ranging from humor to horror literary fiction to nonfiction As a writer for young adults he is the author of the popular Circle of Three series writing as Isobel Bird; nonfiction books about spirituality Paths of Faith the AIDS crisis Voices of AIDS and the gay community The World