Lee Mckenzie: To Catch a Wife The Finnegan Sisters #1

Jack Evans who comes back home to Riverton to interview the person he feels has information about a serial killer Said killer is in jail awaiting trial but to put him away Jack needs to determine why the woman named Rose is the link between the three murder victimsHis arrival home again coincides with Emily s shocking discovery that she is pregnant and she s determined to share that news with Jack with whom she d spent a single night after their attendance at her brother in law s funeral To say that Jack is eually shocked is an understatement but his immediate step up and declaration that they should get married. With reporter Emily Finnegan and he gets an even bigger surprise when he finds ut she's pregnant Now he's determined to marry the beautiful brunette It took a world shaking surprise to make him realize

Miniseries The Finnegan Sisters There was uite a bit to like about this We had an upbeat heroine We had a hero who did the right things some Love! Valour! Compassion! of the time maybe allf the time even if this heroine didn t think soHalfway through the novel the pace really picked up I liked Rose the gnome thief and FredGood job Lee I really enjoyed it One f the Finnegan Sisters series in which we get to know middle sister Emily who is a reporter in small town Riverton WI although her writing heart resides with her blog which features some f the characters and activities in that townAlso introduced in Chicago homicide detective. He'll prove he's back for good  Detective Jack Evans will keep proposing as many times as it takes He never expected to come home to Riverton Wisconsin let alone to find himself lost in a night f passion.

The sooner the better is met with a decide To Catch A Wife by Lee McKenzie Jack Evans left his home town to become a detective in Chicago He went home for his best friends funeral His best friend was married to Emily Finnegan s sister After the funeral Jack and Emily had a ne night stand which left Emily pregnant Jack didn t contact Emily until two months later when he had to interview a witness in his home town Jack finds ut Emily is carrying his child and wants to marry her She says no She wants to marry for love A half sister comes into the picture Jack has to work at getting Emily to say yes A good read. Hat was missing in his life But Emily has been hurt before and isn't convinced his desire to marry her is about love He'll do whatever it takes to prove his heart is hersfor as long as they both shall live.

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