David N. Livingstone: Adam's Ancestors Race Religion and the Politics of Human Origins Medicine Science and Religion in Historical Context

Mism became the vehicle of choice for those interested in justifying white supremacy He also discusses the various ways that pre adamites figure into the accounting for differences in races and languagesAlong the way Livingstone presents a history of monogenesis and polygenesis in the UK and in the USA He does not go into the theological issues raised by pre adamites such as the Fall death before sin or references to Adam in the New Testament Livingstone finishes up by discussing the continuing legacy of Adam s ancestors 1 continuing to be mployed within an antievolutionary framework 2 nabling reapproachment with Darwinian biology and 3 continued use of pre adamite theories to justify white supremacy The book includes 30 pages of Notes a 31 page Bibliography and a 15 page indexThis book gives a very thorough history of the issue. F non adamic humanity and the debates surrounding it from the Middle Ages to the present day From a multidisciplinary perspective Livingstone xamines how this alternative idea has been used for cultural religious and political purposes He reveals how what began as biblical criticism became a theological apologetic to reconcile religion

This is a very well documented 896 footnotes history of proposals of the xistence of human beings prior to Adam and Eve starting with Origen ca 185 ca 254 and continuing through Isaac La Peyr re 1596 1676 the impact of Darwin s On the Origin of Species and progressing up to the present timeDavid Livingstone covers the history of important issues around whether human beings were or were not one species and how these views were used to argue for and against slavery and racial intermixing Pre adamites are tied to the issue of one origin and therefore one species of humans monogenesis vs multiple origins and therefore multiple races of humans polygenesis which can then be ranked and used to justify slavery He discusses how the publication of Darwin s On the Origin of Species in 1859 made polygenesis less likely at which point pre ada. Although the idea that all human beings are descended from Adam is a long standing conviction in the West another version of this narrative xists human beings inhabited the Earth before or alongside Adam and their descendants still occupy the planetIn this ngaging and provocative work David N Livingstone traces the history of the idea

In Christian and secular thought over the past two thousand years I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the current debate over the historicity of Adam and Eve This comprehensive study treats the various manifestations of the theory that there did or does xist a pre Adamic humanity Some proponents were skeptical about the authority of the Bible others attempted to defend the Bible from Darwinism and still others used the notion as a prop for scientific racism Livingstone thoughtfully xplores a number of significant issues in this fine work Nevertheless my guess is that most readers will mine the book for its information rather than read it straight through for njoyment Although Livingstone writes in a clear academic style clarity does not necessarily make a book in the words of one pre publication reviewer a great rea. Ith science volution in particular and was later used to support arguments for white supremacy and segregationFrom heresy to orthodoxy from radicalism to conservatism from humanitarianism to racism Adam's Ancestors tells an intriguing tale of twists and turns in the cultural politics surrounding the age old uestion Where did we come from.

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David Noel Livingstone is a Northern Ireland born geographer historian and academic He is Professor of Geography and Intellectual History at ueen's University BelfastEducated at Banbridge Academy and ueen's University Belfast BA PhD Following graduation he continued at ueen's as a Research Officer and Lecturer becoming Reader and then full Professor He has held visiting professor