A.J. MacKenzie: The Body on the Doorstep Hardcastle Chaytor Mysteries #1

Astle answers a knock at his oor late one night only to find a The Gulag Handbook dying manWhatoes his last words mean what is the significance of the shots heard that night is there any connection to the various smuggling rings up and The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion down the coast or is it as the inhabitants fear a prelude to an invasion by the FrenchEnjoyed this first in the series and will look out for the next oneA NetGalley book I received this book via goodreads giveaways in exchange for an host reviewWell it starts with an actual body on aoorstep so Will in the World drama from page 1 A good SmugglerConspiracywhodunit thriller I enjoyed this book from beginning middle to end I also enjoyed the setting as I have spent a lot of time as a child Holidaying in that areaI hope there is a 2nd novel in the offing This is the first book in a promised Romney Marsh Mysteries series written by AJ Mackenzie the pseudonym of Marilyn Livingstone and Morgen Witzelan Anglo Canadian husband and wife team of writers and historians I loveiscovering June Fourth Elegies debut authors and new series to have both combined and in such an enjoyable book as The Body on the Doorstep is a real treat Books featuring amateur sleuths are perennially popular and the pairing in The Body on the Doorstep are welcome additions to the genre Reverend Hardcastle is an alcoholic rector with a colourful past and Amelia Chaytor a widow living in the village who turns out to be far braver sharper and A period murder mystery and a good one think Fielding and Richardson with body count This crime novel is set in the late 18C and it s uite refreshin It s 1796 and reverend Hardcastle finds a body on hisoorstep The reverend has the honor to hear his last words and then he Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes dies Nobody knows who the man is but the rumors are that hiseath has something to The Confabulist do with smugglers on the coast Because heoesn t think the case is being thoroughly investigated reverend Hardcastle starts researching the matter on his own He s soon being told off but he Der Illusionist decides the crime is important enough to keep going Reverend Hardcastle might even be inanger himself but he Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue doesn t want to stop until he finds out exactly what happened What kind ofangerous games are being playedThe Body on the Doorstep is a gripping story about a reverend who likes Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, drinking a little too much Reverend Hardcastle is a smart man and he uses his addiction to his advantage and as aisguise I immediately adored him He isn t afraid to admit he has flaws he has a great sense of humor and he s creative and clever I loved reading about the smugglers the complex game that is being played and the snooping of reverend Hardcastle The case Ask the Past doesn t stop with the body on hisoorstep there s something sinister going on and the story becomes and compelling while the plot thickens Reverend Hardcastle is the perfect main character for an old fashioned mystery because he s Riding Class (Saddle Club, delightfully imperfect can be a little na ve and isefinitely cunning at the same time It s a fantastic combination that I enjoyed a lot I also really liked that he s getting help from a woman the reverend s outlook on life is modern for his time and firm Even when he s in Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, danger heoesn t let people get away with the games they are playing and he can be tough when he needs to beAJ Mackenzie has a beautiful writing style and I loved every single sentence of this book The Body on the Doorstep kept me glued to my seat from the start The story is interesting the history aspect is well researched and fascinating and the main characters are fabulous The story has a nice steady pace that suits the time it s set in while at the same time there s a lot going on and every aspect is eually intriguing I highly recommend this brilliant book it s an absolute must read for anyone who likes historical mysteries This is a wonderfully atmospheric historical murder mystery set in Romney Marsh The time period is the tail end of the 18th century and the Reverend Hardcastle opens his Different Class door at night only toiscover a Short Stories by Roald Dahl dying man Luctant to investigate Ably assisted by the ingenious Mrs Chaytor Hardcastle sets out to solve the mystery for himself But smugglers are not the only ones to lurk off the Kent coast and the heiscovers the he realises he might have bitten off than he can ch.

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Scarecrow ScarecrowOn the southern coast of England there s a legend people tellOf Goldilocks the Three Bears days long ago when the great Scarecrow would ride from the jaws of hellAnd laugh with a fiendish yellWith his clothes all torn and tatteredThrough the black of night he rideFrom the marsh to the coast like a emon ghostHe rob the rich then hideAnd he Socialist Realism d laugh till he split his sideChorusScarecrow Scarecrow The soldiers of the king feared his nameScarecrow Scarecrow The country folk all loved him just the sameScarecrowThese lyrics are copyright 1963 by Terry Gilkyson And anyone who grew up watching Diseny s Wonderful World of Color and is old enough to remember 1964 will remember those haunting lyrics That was the opening to Dr Syn The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh And it s all I could think about when I read AJ MacKenzie sebut novel The Body on the Doorstep a mystery that features the Reverend Hardcastle the minister at St Mary in the Marsh in Romney MarshIn 1796 the people of southeast England s coast fear an invasion by the French The sea provides their livelihood but it also presents a threat The small village of Romney Marsh on the coast is a hotbed of smuggling Reverend Hardcastle s parishioners may not show up for services but they are I Look Up To... Michelle Obama deeply involved in the local business of smuggling He knows it and they acknowledge he knows it by leaving him gifts of brandy In fact Hardcastlerinks at the local pub with many of those men The Excise and Customs men responsible for collecting taxes are not uite as welcome there It s after midnight when there s a pounding on Hardcastle s Doctor Extraño door and therunken rector stumbles his way there But when a ying man falls on his oorstep a man who was shot Hardcastle is aware enough to catch his last words It s a message Hardcastle keeps to himself until the right person comes along Mrs Chaytor is a widow a newcomer to the village and her comments about the shots fired that night are enough to catch Hardcastle s attention It isn t long before he teams up with the shrewd woman and the artist Joseph Mallord William Turner to pool their knowledge Hardcastle and Chaytor are involved in a Never Tell dangerous business While Chaytor is a widow Hardcastle has toeal with supervision by the Church as well as Lord Clavertye He s the one who becomes a target when their investigation Feminism is for Everybody disturbs the wrong people And they seem to stir up trouble when they ask uestions about a mysterious group called The Twelve ApostlesSmuggling murder threats bribery MacKenzie sebut mystery is a fascinating historical mystery involving an actual hotbed of smuggling The historical Deterring Democracy details bring the atmospheric mystery to life while Hardcastle and Chaytor make a well matched team of sleuths There s even humor in this fascinating mysteryIf you relished the story of Dr Syn if you remember the Scarecrow you ll want to read about the adventures of the Reverend Hardcastle and the widow Mrs Chaytor I really wanted to enjoy this but i just ended up skimming through it Hoping to pick it up another time when I m in the mood for this type of writing style Humorous very readable mystery packed with twists but the historical context failed to inspireThe Body on the Doorstep is the first of the Romney Marsh mystery series and is set against the backdrop of the Kent coast in 1796 Despite an intriguing premise thatrew me in I had little idea of the actual historical context and although this can easily be gleaned from the story it would have aided me inordinately to have been appraised of the basics beforehand as a guide as to what to expect I refer to the contrast threat of invasion by French revolutionaries particularly after rumours of the French Directory having cemented power and an increase in taxation in order to raise the necessary extra expenditure for Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, defence that made smuggling rife Kent 1796 St Mary in the MarshWhen a tetchy and port uaffing Reverend Marcus Hardcastle is rudely interrupted at midnight and midway through his lates. For fans of Antonia Hodgson's The Devil in the Marshalsea and MJ Carter's The Strangler Vine The Body on the Doorstep is the first Romney Marsh Mystery by A J MacKenzieKent 1796 Shocked toiscover a Hunters Heart dying man on hisoorstep and lucky to avoid a bullet hims.

T missive railing at the unprotected coastline of Kent he Menneskefluene (K2 discovers aying man on his Nazi Gold doorstep in thearkness of a new moon Bending Mr Majeika and the School Inspector down to receive the cryptic final words of theying man Hardcastle narrowly escapes a bullet himself but is baffled by the man s message Tell Peter mark trace When a rifle bullet is extracted from the victims body and Rev Hardcastle hears the news that less than two miles away a Customs officer by the name of Curtius Miller was shot Selected Poems dead in a skirmish with smugglers at close uarters he is naturally intrigued Unable to identify the man on hisoorstep or to make the circumstances of Miller s shooting add up Reverend Hardcastle starts asking uestions and a similarly inuisitive three years widowed Amelia Chaytor follows his trail Used to being classed as an eual by her eceased husband Mrs Chaytor is neither shy or retiring but merely seeking some respite from the pain of lonelinessReverend Hardcastle and Amelia Chaytor soon uncover than they bargained for with practically everybody in the village of St Mary in the Marsh seeming to have a hand in the smuggling black market and therefore a vested interest For thirty nine year old Reverend Hardcastle the puzzle is something to engage his mind after once being lauded as the finest mind amongst the Church of England and estined for great things that have come to naught A thorn in the side of his church superiors and a well known Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 drunken sot Hardcastle is also a popular local figure particularly as he turns a blind eye to the locals involvement in the smuggling Having acuired a reputation for his predilection for port the Reverend tries to curb his excesses whilst acting the part of the intoxicated buffoon well aware that his enuiries are beginning to attract the attentions of the shadowy figures who are attempting to foil his path to the truth Both Hardcastle and Mrs Chaytor play their part in contributing to the amateur sleuthing and when the inuest of Miller is rigged they start to get a sense of just how far up the chain of command the conspiracy they have stumbled upon goes As the senior clergy warn Reverend Hardcastle not to tarnish the cloths reputation with his pursuits and behaviour whilst under the influence of theemon rink he remains undeterredAlthough highly readable and with a cleverly convoluted plot that elivers plenty of surprises the storyline sadly The Train Robbers didn t grip me Thankfully the pace is brisk the inimitable Reverend Hardcastle and unflappable Mrs Chaytor make a livelyuo of amateur investigators and their witty repartee cynical realism and genuine interest in ensuring justice is No Reason To Die done make them a compelling team Their growing respect and fondness for each other as the story progresses is also wellrawn and their frankness with each other helps to flesh both characters out The narrative even when the relatively complicated plot is unfolding is always jaunty and mischievously humorous and a colourful cast of local eccentrics includle the Reverend s prickly housekeeper Mrs Kemp the artist JMW Turner and two elderly ladies rumoured to be witches or Sapphic lovers With awareness of the historical context I Naked Risk (Shatterproof doubt I would have chosen this novel because the periodoes not greatly interest me However the setting is well portrayed and the key players all Raking The Ashes distinctive and once the basics of the plot are laid out uncovering the web of intrigue is full of tension I just wish I had been engaged by the whole set up and felt invested in the outcome Whilst admittedly very atmospheric I cannot comment on the historical accuracy or whether the population imbibed such vast uantities throughout theay A light hearted humorous mystery that for me was made readable by a vibrant cast of characters and a story that was jam packed with twists A gripping tale of smugglers and spies and wicked murder Thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next instalment 1796 St Mary in the Marsh Romney Marsh Kent and the Reverend Hardc. Elf Reverend Hardcastle finds himself entrusted with the victim's cryptic last wordsWith smuggling rife on England's south east coast the obvious conclusion is that this was a falling out among thieves But why is the leader of the local Customs service so re.