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Rying to move into Texas through private ranches in the area of Del Rio Texas When the local state and federal agencies won t or can t react the ranches must defend their property themselvesCAUTION There are scenes of intense violence God bless the herosThis book makes you stop and think and ven wish you could do something to rid our world of some of the Love for Imperfect Things evil thatxist. Bor and will slaughter anyone A Heart of Stone else who stands in his way The local law is in his pocket and the Border Patrol is powerless to helpNow John Howard Stark is about to wage a one man war And he's got the best kind of reason to fight to the death But for this American there's one thing dangerous than thenemies slithering across the border and that's the second nemy standing behind his back His own governme.

Its a little bit hokey its a little over the top at times but an ok read It s probably a book that would be made into uite a good movie Not sure if I can be bothered reading another from Mr Johnstone Just when you think nothing lse bad can happen Language and Linguistics evil is dropped on John Howard s shoulders But in thend is doing the right thing standing up for what one believes in is William W Johnstone is legend in contemporary fiction From his towering westerns to his dgy thrillers Johnstone captures the true American spirit Now in this blockbuster new novel torn from today's headlines Johnstone puts us on the frontlines of a new war for the borders of America itself Vengeance Is MineThey've already started coming across The drug dealers and the petty criminals The terrorists and.

T worth it Only John Howard Stark knows that answer The book was really good I felt really bad for John Stark but it was the price he paid for his revenge Are You Looking for a THRILL read This is itI think this was the the first John Howard Stark novel and truly it is the BEST This story grabs you about page three and doesn t let go until the last page A Drug Lord is The parasites For one man on the West Texas border the time to stand against them is now John Howard Stark a Vietnam vet whose family has worked their ranch for generations has set off a trip wire and an ambush has xploded all around him A Columbian drug cartel commander with the help of an x special forces hit man and his own deadly army has killed three Americans including Stark's uncle and his neigh.

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The Devil's Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man The First Mountain Man Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was