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Reviewed for SLJ The Spoken Word is off the chain Spitting nothing but the truthNia Symone Daniels is an average California teen ager living in Long Beach Aged 16 in the 11th grade she is liberated in her innocence s For her beloved Daddy s 39th Birthday she dedicated her written word to him in a Poetry bar Finding creative freedom in spoken word the arts she also enjoyed hanging out with her classmates Crystal and Cameron video games in ball machine and gossip Having lost her mother ten years revious soon followed by her grand mother grief causes us to lose a iece of ourselves while surrounded by unconditional love gives us Rant promise With her dad being a sought af. Every kid dreams of happily ever afteruntil her world is turned upside downAt sixteen giftedianist and Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM poet Nia Daniels has already known her share of heartache But despite theain of losing her mother and grandmother she's managed to excel thanks to her beloved father's love and support He's held her through every tragedy and cheered.

Ter renowned architecture he spoiled her while he showed her culture that some children may never know He nicknamed her Butterfly because she was light on her feet and was always fliting about as a child They traveled around the world and experienced Europe the home to classical music concerts opera houses and ballet the arts When Nia spit her words Challenged to Win people took notice to this old soul As music that makes our spirit come alive so does spoken word Her dad talked to her openly about life and instilled in her to wait until she was married for sex The life Nia Symone Daniels knew in Long Beach was forever turned upside down and changed at the sudden death of her beloved da. Her on through everyerformance Nia can't imagine what she'd do without him until an illness suddenly takes him and she has no choice And Nia's in for one shocking blow The man who'd always been her rock her constant wasn't her biological dad Orphaned and confused Nia is desperate for answers But what she finds will uproot her from the

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D Orphaned and confused Nia was thrust into an uncertain life on the East Coast with her biological father she never knew she had Chasing Butterflies was an awesome book I loved everything about this book It was a wonderful story about a young girl whose world was flipped upside down and how she came to grips with her new life Perhaps it s not fair that I am giving this book one star but I couldn t finish it I couldn t handle the Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons protagonist going on and on about her father who she only called Daddy and also I hated therescribed options about sexuality that showed up just 30 ages in The writing was also mundane and I didn t like the oetry like stanzasparagraphs. Ife she's always known in California and bring her to the east coast to Omar He's a man who's spent most of his life and all of Nia's behind bars He's her biological father An ex gang member Living in the hood And he's determined to do whatever it takes to win the love of his only daughter and make up for his mistakes If only she'll let