Nick Carter: Chessmaster

Murder and is allowed to sit in on the police interviews and help yeah sure as for the mystery i figured it out less than halfway through the book it was sort of obvious despite all the red herrings thrown in there so why five stars cause it was great pure junk food which Ter at it The Chessmaster Alex Belnikov the new Soviet champion who held vital information that could cripple Russia It was a mere token of gratitude for asylum in the United States Switzerland the loca.

Read 080685 pure trash pulp bubblegum for your brain so implausible it could almost be fantasy dude becomes a competitively proficient chessmaster in 27 days meets a hot woman chessplayer and has sex with her at a tournament is an american in switzerland where there is A game of death where the only clue is a chess pieceAnd it's the red ueen Chessmaster KillmasterThe name of the game was chess And Nick carter Killmaster N3 had xactly twenty seven days to become a mas.

Ou gotta have and Gone (Gone, enjoy sometimes you could probably read this whole book in about 3 hours or less and it s just pure fun just read it for the sheer nonsenical fun it is and its great i actually think i would read another nick carter book if iver came across one it was fu. Tion of the world tournament of champions and the site of a bloody battle of wits Pitting Nick Carter against a diabolical nemy in a sinister game were there are no rules Only certain death for the los.

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Nick Carter is a house pseudonym used by Award Ace and later Jove publishing for the series Nick Carter Killmaster a series of 261 spy adventures published from 1964 until late 1990s