Leona Karr: The Charmer

Nd so decided to read it It was kind of corny but OK. Could Shanna ut her trust in a man she couldn't see And could the littlest angel save the family she'd taken under her wing the family she would have wanted for her own if only she were human.

And found it in my camper had a short while to read Than she knew because she and her daughter had been targeted by a killerDr Jay Harrison had heroically ulled Shanna from the wreck His sensuous voice and tender touch ignited her desires But.

This was an OK book Very easy to read I was camping. Mortals can miss thingsEver since a car accident temporarily took single mother Shanna Ryan's eyesight a little guardian angel had been operating as her eyes Shanna needed heavenly rotection.

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Pseudonym is also Lee KarrLeona Karr is a Colorado native who published her first novel in 1980 Her honors include the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer of the Year and Colorado's Romance Writer of the Year awards She is also known as Lee KarrAs an author for the Harleuin Intrigue imprint Leona Karr has published 18 novels She is the author of over 30 novels specializing in Romantic Suspense