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This guy is a serious nerd I found myself engrossed even though the text double backs on itself many times This is a huge compilation of first hand accounts of the Kristalnacht It deals with the emigration the orphans and of course the destruction of that night in particular I learned so much and found myself horrified Even the moments where he talks about the heroes who tried to help escaping Jews I was horrified that they were so alone in their efforts and often penalized for acting out of basic human morality This is uite an in depth look at Kristallnacht and the immediate aftermath also including basic eventsstats that came both before and after Much of the information comes from survivors many of whom sent letters or unpublished memoirs to the author as well as other eyewitnesses including journalists and government officials based in GermanyAustria at the time of the event The beginning of the book is broken up into different citiestowns in Germany and the emembrances of the eyewitnesses After the event the author continues with the same people and what happened to them trials that they went through trying to get out of German occupied land On November 7 1938 a young Jew enraged by his family's expulsion from Germany walked into the German embassy in Paris and fired five shots at a junior diplomat Three days later the diplomat was dead and Germany was in the grips of skillfully orchestrated anti Jewish violenceIn the early hours of November 10 Nazi storm troopers and Hitler Youth ampaged through Jewish neighborhoods across Germany leaving behind them a horrifying trail of terror and destruction More than a thousand synagogues and many thousands of Jewish shops were destroyed while thirty thousan.

Nd the almost insurmountable blockades that the Nazis put up to make it difficult for people to leave I found all of the journalists and government officials bits of information fascinating and disturbing in that the other countries just seemed to be like ostriches with their heads in the sand truly believing t Martin Gilbert pulls no punches when he writes about the Holocaust His anger and frustration are palpable Kristallnacht and the events leading up to it and after it are analyzed He uses first hand accounts from survivors and while their stories seem epetitive that is the point Never forget He fully brings out the horror fear savagery and barbarity He highlights the brave governmentembassy members who illegally continued to issue emigration visas and citizens who isked their lives to shelter and hide Jews making it clear that there were indeed good Germans Also laid bare are the heart wrenching efugee uotas of the US Britain and many other countries Even though many were saved these uotas and Au bagne refusals of so many countries to admit German Jews as of 9139 were enemy aliens wereesponsible for the deaths of thousands It is hard to Indistractable read and you. D Jews wereounded up and sent to concentration camps This was the moment when deliberately inflamed hatreds ignited nationwide destructionWith Jacques Prevert rare insight and acumen Martin Gilbert one of the leading historians of our time examines Kristallnacht the Night of Broken Glass and describes how theest of the world eacted in its wake His narration of that night and day of terror is chilling vividly conveying its scale and intensity through than fifty previously unpublished eyewitness testimonies and graphic newspaper accounts of the events as they unfolded No

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Get the full sense of the fear acism and conundrums On November 7 1938 a 17 year old German Jew Herschel Grynszpan enraged by the suffering of his parents who had been expelled from Germany together with 12 000 other Jews walked into the German embassy in Paris and shot jun Easily the saddest book I ve ead this year Kristallnacht is the name for the infamous Nazi pogrom against German and Austrian Jews on November 9 10 1938 The Nazis would insist this was spontaneous eruption by the Germans against the Jews after the eventually successful assassination attempt against a German diplomat in Paris by a young German Polish Jew The assassin Herschel Grynszpan was upset over the late October expulsion from Germany of all Polish Jews including Grynszpan s family which esulted in a hellish in between existence in Polish border efugee camps The Poles were at first eluctant to accept them The Poles eluctance would be epeated Worldwide by numerous countries in the terrifying months to come Upon the German diplomat s death hell was unleashed in Jews throughout the Reich Gilbert grimly excels here as he tells in account after account the destruction of Ther attack on Jews during the course of the Second World War was as widely eported by contemporary observersKristallnacht marked the beginning of the systematic eradication of a people who traced their origins in Germany to Roman times and was a sinister fore warning of the Holocaust By setting the tone for the terrible war to follow it shaped the second half of the twentieth century and continues to haunt us almost seventy years later Meticulously esearched and masterfully written this is an eye opening study of one of the darkest chapters in human history.

The official biographer of Winston Churchill and a leading historian on the Twentieth Century Sir Martin Gilbert was a scholar and an historian who though his 88 books has shown there is such a thing as “true history”Born in London in 1936 Martin Gilbert was educated at Highgate School and Magdalen College Oxford graduating with First Class Honours He was a Research Scholar at St Anthony's