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The universe may be an accident Creative entertaining book that could be used for teaching Common Core Standard RL 82 Being a collection this obviously had many different stories some of which I liked and some of which I didn t The first handful of stories in particular seemed to be about techniue than substance But it was very interesting to see which stories famous SF authors had picked as their favorites And it was nice that they included a paragraph describing why Kudos on a ood immick I don t really remember there being a bad storiy in here though the first one by Theodore Sturgeon had a kind of annoying narrative voice Everything in here was creative well written and unpredictable I never really liked science fiction until kind of recently so all these cool ideas are still kind of new to me And this book just like almost every other book I ve ever. A truly uniue volume seminal science fiction stories by some of the enre's all time reats specifically chosen by many of the top names in science fiction today as the stories which influenced their own careers Included are new pieces written especially for this volume explaining each author's choice of story.

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Lations of science fiction short stories when I was in high school and I ve never rown tired of them especially those edited by Isaac Asimov andor Martin H GreenbergThis particular compilation differs from most of the others Each story included in this volume was selected as my favorite science fiction story by a particular well known science fiction author authors did not choose their own stories As a result of this selection process the stories included exhibit a wide variety of innovative writing styles and subject matter My favorites include The Man Who Lost the Sea by Theodore Sturgeon Black Charlie by Gordon R Dickson and The Ballad of Lost C Mell by Cordwainer Smith Some very Hear the Wolves good stories some completely forgettable making me wonder why these authors really found them so inspiring Glad Iot to read some authors I hadn t heard of or read before thoug. Don R Dickson; The Ugly Chickens Howard Waldrop; The Mathenauts Norman Kagan; Lot Ward Moore; The Ballad of Lost C'Mell Cordwainer Smith; A Martian Odyssey Stanley G Weinbaum; Common Time James Blish; The Engine at Heartspring's Center Roger Zelazny; Nerves Lester del Rey; The Only Thing We Can Learn CM Kornblu.

Read is better than anything by Haruki Murakami Lots of wonderful midcentury SF including the original short story form of Nerves by Lester Del Rey which is a memorable reading experience You know an anthology is really Valors Measure good when you re interested in chasing down all the authors involvedBut let me back up a step this is a collection of stories that were chosen by science fiction writers as their favorite With the specificoal of producing a collection of stories that were captivating inspiring and hauntingand it workedA bonus for me was the fact that I ve never read many of the authors but I d be surprised if I were to research the stories and not find evidence of them being deeply influential So for me this is an anthology that s a hook into new worlds and one without any part that feels like fillerI can t ask for much than that I first discovered compi. And how it influenced his or her workContents The Man Who Lost the Sea Theodore Sturgeon; The Last Command Keith Laumer; Day Million Frederik Pohl; The Little Black Bag CM Kornbluth; A Galaxy Called Rome Barry N Malzberg; Diabologic Eric Frank Russell; Untouched by Human Hands Robert Sheckley; Black Charlie Gor.

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