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Ason he married Abby so it s up to Seth to try and sort things out with Abby again and finally get down to the truth he deserves This book was xhilarating and Uncommon Wisdom emotional It was one of the best books I have had a pleasure of reading so if you re looking for a new sappy with a little spice then your used to definitely pick this one up as it will pull on your heart stringsFind this and other reviews at wwwmomsreadingcornerblogspotca HeartstringsCountry music sets the backdrop secrets lies and twists and turns tell the story Seth has come home He has to bury his father Coming home though is a big step life is about to change and it s about time Years ago Seth left to pursue his dream His dreams of being a country music This was a story of miscommunication loss hope and love with a holy I didn t see that coming When we are younger making grown up decisions we think we are making the right choice but often it was the wrong choice and our pride can get in the way to admit that we were wrong This was the case Abby and Seth pregnant at 17 and the wrong time and place in life But 14 long years later and lines of communication finally being opened cause a big love to be re revealed and a chance to heal old open wounds I really did like this story and I liked the honesty that Abby and Seth had with Emily and the story line with Mike I knew something was up but I SO did NOT see that coming I loved the connection and chemistry between Abby and Seth When things are meant to be they find a way to work out You can also find me on Live Read and Breathe FacebookLive Read and Breathe TwitterFor of my reviewsLive Read and Breathe I first met Sara at the New Jersey Romance Writers Conference two years ago and she was such an awesome person and I was thrilled that she was being published I wasven thrilled that she wanted to Book a Tour with Tasty Book Tours which gave my greedy hands access to her Romances and I am SO GLAD that I had the chance to read HEARTSTRINGS HEARTSTRINGS reminded me so much of one of my favorite Rachel Gibson romances DAISY S BACK IN TOWN Heartstrings Sara Walter EllwoodI received this from the publishers in return for an honest review I don t gush and give false praise I don t be. E in McAllister Texas for his father’s funeraland a chance to meet the daughter he’s never known He’s willing to face the music of his own making and admit he’s known about his little girl all along For fifteen years he’s kept his distance because Abby told him to follow his dreams without her insisting she didn’t’ love him But now he won’t leave until he.

Lieve that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book Well this book looks a kind of sweet cowboy romance I thought and sometimes thats what we need something gentle and non taxing to read They re not usually my keepers but fun for a one off read so I asked to review this book Was I i Liked this book so much that I bought the next two books in the series Good fast read Incredibly boring and worse totally cardboard Everything is shallow and some things were of the snort variety There s nothing touching any one s heartstrings I wont lie I m hooked when it comes to sexy country singersThere is just something about them So of course when I saw this title I had to snatch it upIt certainly did not disappoint What I found within the pages of Heartstrings is an Unseen City emotional story about second chances coming clean and forgivenessIf you had the chance to chase your dreams would you do it Seth had a hard decision to make He could get as far away from his Texas hometown and the meories that surrounded him One thing could keep hom there and that was AbbyOne fateful decision could change the course of your lifeSeth now has a chance to haveverything he Art ever wanted Yes he has his stunning career but there s just a few things missing in his life A family love The woman he never forgot and never stopped lovingHeartstrings is full ofmotion heartbreak lies and deception The characters were well rounded and I fell in love with Seth Abby and Emily I laughed I cried I got angry and this story took me on a wild ride that tugged on my own heartsrings I couldn t put it downHeartsrings is highly recommended from this reviewer Who doesn t love a good second chance story filled with music laughter and love 35 starsI read this before work this morning Some people drink coffee to wake up I read I was hoping the fact that the hero was a country star as opposed to the usual rocker would make the story feel a bit fresh It did not In addition to the overall feeling of sameness I didn t particularly like view spoilerthe twist with the heroine s God Is in the Crowd ex husband It was very clear that something hinky was going on with him but I still found his descent into Big Badness very rapid hide spoiler. Knows his daughter and she knows himven if it means facing the woman who broke his heart for good Confessing she’s lied about her daughter’s paternity all these years won’t be Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard easy for Abbyspecially with her x blackmailing her to keep the secret And Seth doesn’t know the hardest truth of all Every love song he plays on his guitar still plucks her heartstrin.

When I started reading this cowboy story I was surprised by the anger that hits the reader in the beginning It is very thick and you can almost feel it It was hard for me to get passed the first few chapters Abigail and Seth loved ach other once and had a child very young He went off to begin his singing career and she stayed behind marrying their best friend to raise their daughter Seth stayed away thinking he would be a horrible father of course his friend and husband to Abby Mike helped perpetuate that idea He manipulated both Seth and Abby When Seth comes back for his father s funeral sparks fly Anger hurt resentfulness jealousy love and lust rear their heads as the two former loves meet again fourteen years later Seth knows who Emily s father is and it isn t Mike as Notes for the Everlost everyone in town believes Seth wants to get to know his daughter Mike and Abby fear that Seth will tell Emily along with the world the truth The tangle of lies finally unravel as Seth and Abby discover there is behind theirstrangement then they thought The reader knows that something is driving Mike to make sure the secret is kept I was shocked at what was really going on It was an interesting twist and a great When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) ending to the book Injoyed reading the No Biggy! end better than the very beginning I absolutely loved this book I am a huge fan of these country romance novels First off Seth is a brooding successful Nashville country star not to mention sexy as hell I imagined him to look something like Jason Aldean and that s what got me hooked on this book Seth is in town for his father s funeralven though he is not happy about being there He runs into Abby his one time love with some problematic past he s determined to make things right Abby lied to him and then married his best friend This is one of those books where the past and the problems of two teenage lovers who had a child together they don t just forget about when they see ach other again Seth wants to get to know his daughter he also wants her to know who he is he wants to be her dad to help make her dreams come true Mike Emily s step in father doesn t want that He doesn t want Emily to know they have been lying to her but Seth believes there is motive behind the re. The last person Abby Crawford wants to face down is country music superstar Seth Kendall Last time she did she flat out lied so he’d go to Nashville without her She’s never understood why their mutual best friend proposed but she went with it so her baby wouldn’t be fatherless Now she’s a divorced mother of a teenager and secretly Seth’s biggest fan Seth is hom.

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Sara Walter Ellwood is an award winning author whose novel Gambling On A Secret was named by bestselling author Carolyn Brown in the Happy Ever After Blog on USA Today as one of her favorite romances of 2012 Although Sara has long ago left the farm for the glamour of the big town she draws on her experiences growing up on a small hobby farm in West Central Pennsylvania to write her stories She’