Helen Rodnite Lemay: Women's Secrets A Translation of Pseudo Albertus Magnus's De Secretis Mulierum With Commentaries S U N Y Series in Medieval Studies

Composed in the late 13th or early 14th century by a disciple of theologian scientist Albertus Magnus the book is intended as a scholarly study on female sexuality and obstetrics partly philosophical partly medical Woman s purpose is for eneration and her nature can be observed through the lens of that purpose The author uotes Aristotle The most natural operation is for each thing to qasas-ul-quran generate something similar to itself so as to participate in the divine and the immortal That is theoal toward which all things strive so that each might endure 60 The author then explains how every human being who is naturally conceived is enerated from the seed of the father and the menses of the mother 63 Nothing is simple however The woman an essential part of this formula is a cold and humid being willing to shorten a man s life by sucking the warmth out of his body and soul And note that coitus is beneficial for women because through it they lose their superfluous cold and receive heat and this tempers their frigid naturesThus women who have much sexual intercourse do not have their lives shortened as men do 70 Ejaculation causes the man s body to. Women's Secrets provides the first modern translation of the notorious treatise De secretis mulierum popular throughout the late middle ages and into modern times The Secrets deals with human reproduction and was written to instruct celibate medieval monks on the facts of life and some of

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Have a long way to o As hilarious as some of the uotes were I think it is important to read the book with that in mind What I learned from this bookA uestion arises as to whether a man who has had his testicles cut off can father childrenI say that the man will remain fertile if he was fertile beforehand because he can emit spermatic material although not as well as before If his seed which is ejected to the Dead-End Road Mysteries ground were placed in the womb there is a possibility that the woman would conceive Thus it often happens that a woman conceives if she is in a bath where a man had ejaculated because the vulva strongly attracts the spermThis has been attested to by experienceIf a cat ejaculated on some sage and a man ate some of this sage then cats would beenerated in his stomach and would have to be expelled by vomiting Hilarious This is a must read for anyone interested in the history of women in the Middle Ages not because it reveals actual women s secrets of course but because it reveals exactly how clueless ynecological science was and how widespread truly ridiculous misogynistic rumors were if there was any doubt It is truly remarkable. And the reputation of its author erroneously believed to be Albertus Magnus inspired a few medieval scholars to compose lengthy commentaries on the text substantial selections from which are included providing further evidence of how medieval men interpreted science and viewed the female bo.

Become exceedingly dry because sperm has the power of humidifying and heating When the body is dried up and its humidity extracted its life is weakened and as a conseuence its powers are weakened and death takes place This is the reason why those meaning men who have a reat deal of sexual intercourse do not live for a long time 147Beware the woman This is a difficult book to review and it was even difficult to rate It was an excellent translation with an informative introduction and it was certainly an entertaining for want of a better word read but it was also impossible to escape the awful fact that this blunt and often bizarre misogyny was not only accepted but embraced at the time It paved the way for centuries of persecution and unfortunately that persecution hasn t remained in the distant past There are still parts of the world where women and irls are isolated and shamed because of their unclean periods and even in the so called developed world there is a huge amount of misinformation and misogyny associated with menstruation De Secretis Mulierum was written over 700 years ago and although humanity has come a long way we still. He ways of the universe However the book had a much far reaching influence Lemay shows how its message that women were evil lascivious creatures built on the misogyny of the work's Aristotelian sources and laid the roundwork for serious persecution of womenBoth the content of the treatise.

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