Peter S. Ruckman: Memoirs of a Twentieth Century Circuit Riding Preacher

2 12 stars Enjoyed it Reminded me a Jack Hyles soulwinning stories books Recommended for all Christian young folks Easy read This book encouraged me and also made me laugh my head off Good stuff I think this is Dr Ruckman This book is an anecdotal autobiographical account of a Bible believing Baptist preacher in the latter half of the Twentieth Century Like John Wesley Dr Ruckman could truly say his parish was the world; having ministered in nearly every State in the.

Peter S. Ruckman ç 5 Free read

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Driving with no lights in the middle of the night and sabotaging church split attempts in places that he was a uest preacher Dr Ruckman has seen it allEnjoy Very entertaining I like the junk yard dog and his stand for The Boo. S in street and local church evangelism He also covers his joys and struggles in the pastorate in a frank straightforward manner It is an entertaining read and you will be surprised as to how much insight you will have learned concerning the ministry.

Best book It is an exciting humorous and energizing account of his experiences in soul winning and preaching in very abnormal situations to say the least From dodging awkward marriage proposals doing chalk talks on the streets. Union Canada Austria Germany Romania the Ukraine the Philippines and India His congregations ranged from one person in a hospital bed up to 4000 In this work Dr Ruckman relates his accounts of personal one on one soulwinning as well as his experience.

Peter Sturges Ruckman November 19 1921 – April 21 2016 was an American Independent Baptist pastor and founder of Pensacola Bible Institute in Pensacola Florida not to be confused with Pensacola Christian College also in Pensacola FloridaRuckman was known for his position that the King James Version constituted advanced revelation and was the final preserved word of God for English spe