Angie Ray: A Knight to Cherish

I must admit I m not really into the time travel idea I can t believe anyone would ive up everyone they love for a romance in another time Still I My Fair Temptress (Governess Brides, give these stories a shotThis book would have made the perfect 90s movie Francine Peabodyoes across the hall to help a neighbor and is thrust back in time to 1214 England

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Er back to England 1214 and to Lord Garrick the man she is supposed to civilize Fun I am just not into time travel as this porports It is the usual nice intelligent The Magic Talisman (A Rick Brant Science Adventure Series, girloes back in time falls in love and changes the worl. Knight refuses to be influenced by her even though they both sense the powerful connection between th.

T had just the right mix of 90s humor and highjinksMy biggest problem is how much of a boring prude Francine was The fact that she time trav PB B 1999 700 An old neighbor ives Francine Peabody a magical charm that sends N a middle of a castle full of rowdy knights Francine tries to civilize this wild bunch But the head.