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M apart Out of the frying an and into the fire is the best way to explain both Jack s and Frances s volatile situation I found the story contained a very amusing The Ornament (Ornament, predicament a mind boggling murder mystery and wonderful sexual chemistry The characters were fantastic making Surprising Lord Jack a marvelously entertaining historical romance I did wish we had insight into Jack shilanthropy but look forward to seeing in the coming Duchess of Love Series Shakespeare stole the show D This ARC copy of Surprising Lord Jack was given to me by Kensington Publishing Corp Zebra in exchange for a honest review Publish Date March 5 2013 I seem to follow the law of diminishing returns when reading Sally Mackenzie s books I start out loving her stories and her character but as I continue to read the books she releases I find less charm in them I read the Naked series a few years ago and they started well I liked books one and two but as I got deeper into books three and beyond they seems less and less entertaining to the oint I stopped reading them at all I hate to make general assumptions but I think her newest Duchess of Love series is taki 25 stars rounded up to 3 stars I just really can t stand overly naive heroines that have book smarts but NO common sense. Etermined miss has run him out of his own house arty Luckily the inn has one bed left Jack just has to share with a rather entertaining red headed youth Perhaps the two of them should ride to London together It will make a leasant escape from his mother’s matchmaking melodram.

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I love a good story about a woman disguised as a man and this one sure didn t disappoint All too often it seems like the woman is uncovered way too uickly but Frances manages to hang in there for long enough to keep the tension interesting I felt a little frustrated with Frances and her stubbornness but when of her backstory is revealed her ersonality and issues make sense I fell hard in love with Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM poor Jack too and his attempts to get Francis to man up a bit This is the second book in a trilogy but I didn t feel too lost or like I was missing anything by reading it first I went back and read the first book Bedding Lord Ned after reading Surprising Lord Jack and Book 2 hadn t given too much away so Book 1 was still really enjoyable There are little hints in this book and the first book aboutlot Challenged to Win points for Ash brother to Jack and Ned and Hero of the third book and I felt Picks up right where Bedding Lord Ned left off I really liked Frances I liked that she wasn terfect maybe not the nicest Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons person She realizes it and becomes better I liked Lord Jack and not everyone is as they seem I thought his extra curricular activities were admirable Missed Ash he isn t in this at all but I think his story and Jack s takelace concurrentlyGreat story that I One naughty little masuerade can't hurtUnladylike BehaviorFrances Hadley has managed her family’s estate for years So why can’t she reuest her own dowry She’ll have to go to London herself and knock some sense into the men interfering in her life With the nonsense she’s

Inished overnight Frances Hadley has lived safely at her family s estates for years but now she must take desperate measures Her aunt has made a deal with a man to ruin her so that a marriage is reuired Getting her dowry and moving to a cottage by herself is the only ath she can see out of this mess So Frances cuts her hair dons her brother s clothes and starts her trek to London She didn t expect the snow storm her horse going lame or her needing to spend a night in a tavern inn Nor did she expect that this would set in motion a chain of events that will ut her in the same The Color of a Leader position she just ran fromJack Valentine is the third son to a Duke His mother is known as the Duchess of Love for all her match making attempts Trying to escape his mother s Valentines Day ball Jack heads toward London only to be thwarted by a snow storm When Jack arrives at a road side Inn he finds his normal room is occupied by a young boy taking a dangerous trip to London alone Beinghilanthropic Jack takes this young boy with him to see him safely to his brother What Jack doesn t realize is he just shared his bed with Lady Hadley and now she is his young traveling companionOld emotional wounds and difficult situations will either bring Jack and Frances together or tear the. Ealt with lately though there’s no way she’s going as a woman A Into the Planet pair of breeches and a uick chop of her red curls and she’ll have much less to worry aboutJack Valentine third son of the famous Duchess of Love is through beingursued by Dusk (Rosales Saga, pushy young ladies Onearticularly

Sally MacKenzie decided to become a writer in grade school when she read one of her stories to the class Her classmates laughed and she was hooked She sat down immediately to pen her first novelWell not exactlyThe hooked part is right cursed might be a better description but the sitting down and writing part came later Much later Sally eventually went on to college majoring in English a