Richard Rose: Democracy and Its Alternatives Understanding Post Communist Societies

Ometer covering the Czech Republic Hungary Slovakia Poland Slovenia Bulgaria Romania Belarus and Ukraine The authors ind that there is widespread popular support Before You for democracy compared to communism dictatorship and military rule People who have been denied democraticreedoms value new political rights highly Economic concerns are second in importanc.

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Or will they return to some A History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905 form of authoritarian regime Half a century ago Winston Churchill predicted that people will accept democracy with all itsaults because it is better than anything else that has ever been tried To ind out if Churchill was right this book analyses a particular source of evidence about public opinion the New Democracies Bar.

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The collapse of communism has created the opportunity or democracy to spread rom Prague to the Baltic and the Black seas But the alternatives dictatorship or totalitarian rule are in keeping with the traditions of Central and Eastern Europe Will people put up with new democracies which are associated with inflation unemployment crime and corruption.