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Itious works of literature This is a review in progress which means that I will post short reviews of each story as I read them I don t tend to read a whole shortstory collection after I ve begun it I might return to it again and again slowly digging my way through the opefully wonderful storiesIt should also be known that I am a big fan of Theodore SturgeonBright Segment 27 pages is the story about Models Dont Eat Chocolate Cookies how a lonely and simple man finds a woman on the streets left to die She is in a bad shape and we as the main character wonders whatas appened to er This as most TS stories is a story with a twist Who is the man that Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, has founder and why is Scruples Two he so bend on fixinger even when she really doesn t need fixing A dark read that takes you deep into the mind of a man This book was my long overdue introduction to Theodore Sturgeon s short fiction At first I was non plussed The first story Bright Segment is a somewhat dull though still slightly terrifying story of an autistic man taking care of a woman who What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, has just survived a stabbing whether she wants it or not But fromere on though the stories in this collection got progressively better Some favorites Microcosmic God the story of a brilliant scientist who in secret evolves a race of beings that can solve the toughest scientific problems Shadow Shadow on the Wall an excellent and convincing portrait with all the right psychological shadings of a young boy with a ateful step mother and shadows on a bedroom wall and Twink the last story of the collection which I can t describe other than to say that it was one of the best stories I ve read in a long time Stephen King recommended book Noted as important to the genre we ave been discussing from Danse Macabre published in 1981 Sturgeon Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command has provedimself a top tier and I mean top top fantasist among Explosive Acts his otherard science fiction accolades and I m so excited to explore Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, his extensive short fiction oeuvre His work is my current obsession and I imagine it will be for some time Known to be one of the early pioneers to introduceigh literary themes into speculative fiction Sturgeon s umanistic themes shine through in this wonderful collection 55. Rmouth · nv Amazing Feb ’47 138 · Shadow Shadow on the Wall · ss Imagination Feb ’51 149 · Twink · ss Galaxy Aug ’55.

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Ruly disturbing story in some waysThe story is well written and the plot is truly uniue and truly scaryIf you are interested in scary or really orror short stories IMO this is one of the best Accessible engaging most enjoyable and considering their age these tales still stand very well indeed testimony to Sturgeon s ability All bar the first ave fantastic elements with considerable variation in tone and subject matter though as was fashionable for the time Mind Powers feature often A fairly slight collection that if it is not not Reuired Reading it is certainly Good Reading A good collection of short stories by Theodore Sturgeon the real life prototype for Vonnegut s Kilgore Trout I ave never discovered what Sturgeon thought about the joke He seems to Two Reels And A Crank have been a nice guy so maybee took it in good partThe story I liked best was the first one Bright Segment which isn t science fiction at all The protagonist a mentally subnormal janitor finds an attractive young woman lying in front of Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, hisouse She s apparently been sliced up and left to bleed to death He brings er in and nurses er back to life He The Camping Cookbook has a lot of practical skills and the process is described in great detail fromis perspective We fix Absalom, Absalom! he murmurs ase patches er up He s appyShe s very grateful it s a long time since anyone s been nice to Black Stone her She s smart and street wise It transpires that she tried to double cross someone in a drug deal she tries to explain toim what On Liberty happenede doesn t understand One night she offers No Way Down him sex He isn t interested or even clear about what she s offering She s sad He doesn t know why and tries clumsily to comforterOne day she says she Pulled Thread Embroidery has to leave She s uiteealed she can t stay for ever He s desolated He ll English Humour for Beginners have no reason to live any She feels terrible about it Heolds out Absolutely on Music his arms for a farewell embrace She runs towardsim and doesn t see what The Ransom of Mercy Carter he solding in Gone for Good hisand He crashes the Lallieva (Alice Allevi, heavy flat iron into the back ofer eadAs she lies bleeding on the floor e gets out British Society Since 1945 his things We fixe says appilyI ve always thought that this simple and unpretentious story makes a certain point about relationships better than many far amb. Nster” · ss Unknown Jun ’43 77 · Prodigy · ss Astounding Apr ’49 89 · Medusa · nv Astounding Feb ’42 112 · Blabbe.

Suffers from a certain amount of dated ness they re from the 40s and 50s that is characteristic of golden age sf There is nothing prophetic in any of the stories Gender roles are strictly stereotyped and therefore romance is mostly comical by today s norms One story is set in the distant future of 1973 The non sf stories remain the most entertainingI do ave to mention that The Cosmic God in spite of its absurdity and clumsiness Reiki And The Seven Chakras has the most profound philosophical ideas of any of the stories revolving around Creation and evolution but St Each storyas its own appeal Some charm some terrify some impress It does elp to be a fan of older classic SF and willing to put up with a few scientific anachronisms and a bit of sexism These aren t one note adventures for teen boys or gimmick Twilight Zone episodes but full on stories for both male and female adults and will be enjoyed if read with careTwink especially is interesting I note one GR reviewer said it was one the very best stories e d read anywhere and another said to skip it I give it four stars myself for the idea and the writing with a star missing because I didn t feel the characters as authentic I think part of the appeal of that one depends on I Curse the River of Time how much the situation itself resonates with you No there was no one better than Sturgeon in 50s SFfantasy not even Bradbury Bright Segment the lead story could make anyone s bones ache not because it s a This 11 page short story by Theodore Sturgeon first appeared in the February 1951 issue of Imagination magazineIn 1965 this short story was re printed in Alfred Hitchcock sMonster MuseumI know there is a group of people out there whoreally love Theodore Sturgeon s writing I am not among that group of people However this is one story by Theodore Sturgeon that I reallylove just because it is so goodI am not somebody who usually readsorrorscary novels andor short stories at allThis really is a orror story and not a science fictionstory at all even though Theodore Sturgeon is knownprimarily as a science fiction writerThis story is truly creepy and truly macabre IMO it is really not an appropriate story for younger childrenI find this a Contents1 · Bright Segment · nv 28 · Microcosmic God · nv Astounding Apr ’41 59 · Ghost of a Chance “The Green Eyed Mo.

Theodore Sturgeon 1918–1985 is considered one of the godfathers of contemporary science fiction and dark fantasy The author of numerous acclaimed short stories and novels among them the classics More Than Human Venus Plus X and To Marry Medusa Sturgeon also wrote for television and holds among his credits two episodes of the original 1960s Star Trek series for which he created the Vulcan m