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E horrid no kidding So this book as terrible as it is is much better than Blood Nation In both books the author good creativity made her write a interesting situation spoiled later by her writingI learned english ew years ago and I think I could write better than her And if the terrible grammar and simplistic sentences are not enought to stop you and normally not me then here Awakening (The Guardians Heart Series Book 1) for you one of the worst world and characters build ever Characters are plai. That irritates mostWhen these two meet sparksly literallyWill their meeting be the best thing Whoops! for them both and turn them into aorce that will stop the Empire or will they burn each other out online iction COMPLET.

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45 Stars Great story This is science iction that reads like a The Sheep Book fantasy at times Nicky isrom the wilds of his planet The Empire has never been able to conuer his pre technological society because of the Witches there Nicky is a Latent a conduit of nearly unlimited power Laduma for anyone who works magic The Empire in this book is castrom a The Gangs Birthday Surprise familiar mold Greedy brutal and relentless Between the Wilds and the Empire is a kind of scavenging buffer society Nicky is a rare thing a latent which makes him into an unending power sourceor all things and people magical He came rom an area called the Wild and grew up in the Shambles where he learned to hide his abilities at

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Alled the Shambles Nicky commits a murder and escapes to the Shambles to become a crime lord type thug despite his youthI really enjoyed how over the top and imaginative this book is And it s ree It s every bit as good as the author s published work despite being in draft Get Up form I will be sure to read the rest of her work including the seuels I give this book 2 stars instead of of one just because I already read other booksrom this author and they wer. Ll cost and ight or survival every dayMagnus is the Empire's deadliest mage who goes through latents like disposable batteries Privileged and pampered by the Empire Magnus has an air of entitlement and self importance.

wwwadultfanfictionnet It wasn’t long before I moved from writing AnK fan fiction to posting my own original Yaoi writing under the pseudonym kiixI started writing daily I found a continuing education course on Professional Creative Writing in a local city and started taking courses There were some tips and facts that were good but the social networking was the key It was after this that I started actively exploring getting my works published That expensive piece of paper honed my confidence enough to start sending out ueries and posting my first drafts right to the netWhile I had to pony up time and money to self publish once the rejection e mails came in I didn’t mind I think it was the start of something good I think I know it was the start of something goodWelcome to my version of the world of Yaoi I look forward to leaving my touch in your mind