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This book was outstanding emotional in a good way and amazingly good The only thing that I didn t like was that it came to an end I felt like when everything was being wrapped upno not yet Oh the ending was good but like I said the edge of the seat adventure was over and I ust wasn t ready Yes there is a HEA for Catherine and Darius but I don t think I m giving that much away because it won t be easy getting there But it was enjoyable to read Catherine had so much against her even after being exonerated and released from prison The poor woman Religious Authority in the Spanish Renaissance just couldn t seem to catch a break She lost four years of her life and the precious time with her beloved grandmother who raised her Eileen was one spunky loving grandmother who was fighting against cancer She wasn t going to win it but Catherine wanted every minute there was to be with her Eileen was one direct woman and there are some secrets that are going to be revealed And they are dangerous ones of course Darius had wounds of his own but it seems like he also had a very generous heart as well Even though he was on a healing vacation he was uick to step up and help Catherine when she needed it Even though it went against his plans he was a steady good guy Catherine was not uick to trust because of all the betrayals in her life but Dariusust kept proving that he was trustworthy When he gave his word he kept it The relationship that develops between Darius and Catherine is a good one even though there are times Catherine is afraid to move forward and get hurt again But she is working towards an Aha moment when it comes to her feelings about Darius He didn t take uite as long to realize how he felt about her but he The Intentional Brain just kept showing up and was patient with her If I wanted to use another word to describe this book it would be that it had lots of action Twists turns and danger almost around every corner You could almost feel Catherine s weariness right along with her The author keeps the tension of the story going really well There is also a touch of Catherine re connecting with her faith in God but it doesn t After four years in prison for crimes she didn't commit Catherine Millerust wants to lie low at her isolated farmhouse But someone still thinks she's guilty and should pay the ultima.

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Es WOWI really really loved this book The characters are great and the sweet sweet romance that builds from the beginning ust takes your breath away Of course lots of drama and suspense can also be found Navy Seal Rescuer by Shirlee McCoy 4 STARS Catherine Miller spent four years in prison for murders she did not commit Now she was home in her family home with the grandma who raised her She only wants to be left alone Her house keeps getting vandalized and now someone tried to kill her She tried to run to the house that was down the road and she fought her attacker enough that he had to stop choking her to get her hands off him and was able to scream loud Darius Osborne was outside his house on the first day of his vacation when he heard a scream He grabbed his hammer and found Catherine She told him what her attacker was wearing and height After he took her into his housecalled 911 and got his gun out and loaded he went to search for her attacker Darius was a Navy Seal and now a security contracter he was a good person to have on your side He was able to follow the trail Catherine s Grandmother Eileen was getting cancer treatment when Catherine was attacked She did not want to wait for the police to take her statement and worry about her When her car would not start he took her to the hospital The policeman made comment about having a bodyguard for a neighbor was paying off now Eileen tells Darius to go ahead and put in security system After another attempt on her life Darius is determined to protect her and find out who was trying to kill her Lots of drama some tears romancecar chases before its all over and done with It keeps your attention and keeps you guessing who wants Catherine dead and why I had no clue Its amazing that Catherine is not filled anger at being away from her grandmother and being in prison for four years I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley 09032012 PUB Harleuin Imprint Harleuin Love Inspired Suspense My first Love Inspired book and definitely not my last Great suspense Plots inside of plots. Ome security contractor has as harrowing a past as Catherine's and won't let anyone get too close Yet with a cold blooded killer on her trail they'll get closer than either ever imagin.

Vertake the story An Epilogue with details of what happens next for Catherine and Darius would have been nice But at least the reader could see that they would be together Have enjoyed all of Shirlee McCoy s LI Suspense books including this one Didn t know who the bad guy was until the very end An excellent thriller After being cleared of a false conviction for murder Catherine is suffering from repeated vandalism at her grandmother s home When someone attempts to choke her to death when she s home alone her screams bring her neighbor Darius running to help He s a bodyguard security contractor particularly and is insistent that she let him make sure she and her grandmother are protected When the attacks escalate he s by her side I read this all in one sitting and will be on the lookout for from this author Like all the Love Inspired books you know what will happen You ust have to read the book to know how it will happen Faith plays a part in each story lost then found When I got to the end of this one I had to read a little late into the night to finish it Catherine and Darius I discovered Shirlee McCoy s books earlier this year and became a forever fan She does suspense so very well Her characters are well fleshed out and seem real to this reader The plots are great and my attention never wavers This one was wonderful I am on a mission to read all her books That s the good thing about finding an author after they ve written than a few books you get to read them without waiting for each new release And she has about 50 out already Awesome WonderfulWonderful loved this story so much It touched my heart in so many ways Full of suspense and romance Well written Catherine s anger as well as her desire for freedom and an independent life are understandable but with a backstory as interesting as hers I wish we had been given details instead of the glossing over that she does when she meets Darius I like both of these characters but think some of the physical language could have been toned down a bit Just when I think the series can t get any betterit do. Te price Someone angry enough to spray paint murderer on her home and attack her in broad daylight Her neighbor former navy SEAL Darius Osborne vows to hunt down her predator The hands.