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Ts talented silvery voiced Verity Ann Carey who is somehow too staid and even prissy to fully fit in with the independent resourceful Chalet School girls Plus she does not want to learn to speak German Do you think Mary Lou and Verity Ann will have an nexpected connection Do you think a sudden tragedy will link them forever Do you think Clem will turn The Weather Girl up again Do you think Mary Lou will become the second most popular and influential girl ever to walk the halls of the Chalet School after Joey of course You will have to read the book to find out Or you could just guess One of the most entertaining of the Chalet School books but I would have liked to see of the triplets and Mary Lou is just a little too good to be true One of my favourite films is Stagecoach which stars John Wayne There s a shot in this film which you can see here that makes John Wayne a star The camera swings into him with such exuberance and then when it meets him it keeps going and endsp framed on that face This is a director making a star and it s the first thing I thought of when I reread Three Go To The Chalet School This is a book where several big characters debut Mary Lou Trelawney Verity Ann Carey and Clem Barras and it s a book which features several of the landmark incidents of the series You know the sorts of incidents I mean they re the ones that somebody indirectly mentions thirty seven books later and everyone laughs and you ve not actually read the book that the original incident occurs in so you re just all well whatever I m digressing Three Go To The Chalet School s a well told book and it s purposeful and direct A lot of it takes place outside of the school and I rather love that Much of that also speaks to the calibre of the new characters we re about to meet the new girl sually gets a bit of backstory but that backstory halts when they get to school This time it doesn t and the adults remain constantly present throughout I rather love that The I read these books the I start to realise that perhaps the great longevity of them is precisely that constant adult presence It s in the way that we see inside the staffroom was it just me who was fascinated with what went on in there and become party to adult discussions These are school stories yes but there s a whole world in there But then isn t that the girls school story genre in a nutshell That expression of femine power and absolute strength wielded in a constructed and fiercely delineated space of gender parity and niuely formed ideology The school is the world always One other thing to adore about Three Go To The Chalet School is how Brent Dyer handles Joey Joey at this point had ndergone. Now in this classic series of books first published in the 1920s join the Chalet School's first pupil Joey Bettany as she forges strong bonds of

The main three girls in this book are Mary Lou Trelawney Clem Barras and Verity Ann CareyMary Lou and Clem become friends first in the tiny village that they stay there aren t many other children around Although there s a three year difference they are fast friends However one day Mary Lou s mother informs her that they are moving away so that she can go to a good school which turns out to be the Chalet School So Mary Lou and Clem are partedVerity Ann s mother passed away ite awhile ago and she has been in the custody of guardians since then Her father is away on an expedition to the and it turns out that Mary Lou s father is also on the same trip So she has been sent to the Chalet School She s a The Innocents Dark Seduction uaint character who acts much older than her age She finds it hard to get along but Mary Lou tries to befriend herLater on in the term Clem also turnsp at the Chalet School So Mary Lou and Clem are reunited once again 21 in the series I m about a third of the way through Astonishing I really liked this book as it sets From Father to Son (A Brothers Word up three characters who are going to part of the ongoing story for some time Mary Lou is reluctant to go to school but fits in very well particularly when her great friend Clem also coincidentally appears as a new pupil Verity Anne our other new pupil doesn t fit in nearly as well as the other two She s been broughtp by elderly people as her father has been on an expedition in South America for many years coincidentally it s the same expedition Mary Lou s father is on goodness there s a lot of coincidences in this book Verity Anne is terribly old fashioned doesn t want to join in games and thinks that speaking German is npatriotic this is the book where the rule of alternate days of English French and German is re introduced yay That was always the aspect of the Chalet School that I found most romantic as a child While she clashes with the I liked this one very much A very school based one and I ve always like Mary Lou Love the nsentimental expressions of friendship Mary Lou will always be a favourite character of mine alongside joey Rereading this books is enjoyable and reminds me why I loved the series so much when I was younger 355This was pretty enjoyable but the resolution of Verity was extremely disappointing and lowered the whole book for me Steady intelligent Mary Lou Trelawney reluctantlyheads off to the Chalet School now headed by the formidable Miss Hilda Annersley and Miss Wilson comforted that she will be attending with her friends Joey s oldest daughters Len Con and Margot But she hates to leave behind her dearest friend and neighbor lively Clem Clemence Barras Spoilers ahead At school Mary Lou mee. When Madge Bettany decides to start a school in the Austrian Alps little does she realize how such a small idea will so completely change her life.

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Something of an awkward transition Still at school but not Mother lover schoolgirl adult writer And here Brent Dyer sort of manages to relax with her and step away from that awkward effort to pigeonhole a character who denies such easy categorisation Joey Maynard climbs trees and then goes inside and darns socks She helps people through deep lasting trauma and she plays slides on the drawing room floor It s rather delightful because it s so nforced and through that lack of concern she becomes intensely realI lied There is a final final thing to adore about Three Go To The Chalet School and it is a moment right at the end of the book with Clem and Tony Barrass I won t outline the situation just in case you ve not read in it but there is a line here that makes me cry every time It s a line borne out of life and living and of hurting I think and it reminds me how good Brent Dyer really really could be In which we meet the one and only Mary Lou Oh wonderful One of the rare middle books where EBD is visibly introducing her new stars and yet there s no caricature no cardboard models Mary Lou is delightful and real and young Verity Ann is hopeless and alone Joey is grown p without a halo in action and by report And as ever EBD is spot on in her depiction of grief and legacy and in the spaces it leaves behind and it is so bittersweet and beautifully done Well here s where the irrepressible Mary Lou shows A Full House up She s enough of a defined character already and one of Brent Dyer s strengths is that she isn t Joey 20 that the series feels newly invigorated And I will always find Verity Ann hilarious She makes me laugh I read later books with an eye toward the number of times the adjective silvery issed about her voice original language is not one of Brent Dyer s strengthsI wouldn t recommend these really a friend borrowed a volume from me once with dubious results Still there s something so relaxing about a series of 40 volumes where you can generally count on a familiar school setting with structure tempering the chaos There are schoolgirl escapades often melodramatic sometimes hair raising but within limits And to borrow a phrase from Enid Blyton there s that inescapable English honor that eventually infects even the most recalcitrant lends the prefects amazing gravitas and allows the teachers an authority and a withering command of language that no other school obviously can hope to mimicThere s no real reason to like these is my point if you haven t grown p on them or on Enid Blyton and are no longer inoculated against repetitive endless British boarding school stories in which case you will find these mostly charming against all odds. Riendship with girls from Europe and America Independent intelligent resourceful and bold the girls of Chalet School make each new term and adventu.

Elinor M Brent Dyer was born as Gladys Eleanor May Dyer on 6th April 1894 in South Shields in the industrial northeast of England and grew up in a terraced house which had no garden or inside toilet She was the only daughter of Eleanor Watson Rutherford and Charles Morris Brent Dyer Her father who had been married before left home when she was three years old In 1912 her brother Henzell d