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Funny The ending was too ambiguous and abrupt for me though I ike it. The Fat Woodworker is a delightful story in the tradition of the Italian Renaissance beffe stories of practical often cruel jokes It is the tale of a prank engineered by the great Renaissance architect Filippo Brunelleschi 1377 1446 played upon an unsuspecting and perhaps ess than brilliant friend and woodworker named Manetto in reprisal for the woodworker's social slight While the prank is indeed cruel it is so ingenious and the vict.

Read for academic purposes but a good source for gauging the relatio. Im is so comical that the reader soon forgets the architect's and the author's malice and settles in for a delightful turn as part of the unfolding conspiracy set in motion by Brunelleschi's circle of friends The tale brings the reader into the social world of Florence's craft and tradespeople its awyers and judges artists architects and intellectuals and gives a vibrant sense of the city's close knit social fabric its packed streets.

N between space and identity in Renaissance Florence Eerily existentia. And busy shops and offices It is as much a portrait of the Renaissance city as of one very befuddled and delightful woodworker Robert and Valerie Martone provide a solid contemporary translation that carries across the ironic distance of the original They include an introduction to the story its author and genre and to the social and intellectual world of Brunelleschi and Renaissance Florence Illustrated introduction bibliography Ficti.